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Spain vs Switzerland


In the two previous UEFA matches, the Matadors first drew 1-1 with the German team, and left back Gaia tied at the last minute. After returning to the home court, the 4-0 victory over Ukraine, which has a good momentum, will forcefully suppress the opponent's momentum, which may hurt the national line of Ukrainian football. Two days ago, the Matador had just had a warm-up match with Portugal. Both sides sent a solid team to play. They thought they would attack in a friendly match, but they did not expect the final draw to be 0-0. Guardiola felt that it was too much for both sides to have outstanding offensive abilities and even failed to score a goal. Fortunately, this game helped the Matador to continue the unbeaten record of 14 consecutive games in all competitions. At least in the team atmosphere, this team that is changing blood is full of positive air. Like Adamat Laure, such as Fati, or Saul, Coquet and the triumphant Atletico midfielder, the addition of these players may have changed the matador’s basic ground-based play. law. Of course, the old officials such as Booth, Ramos and others are still there. They will use their precious experience to guide these young people to grow rapidly, especially the talented Fati, who has set many records. , It was close to Bo Yang, the golden boy of La Masia, and only hoped that under the guidance of this group of honorable predecessors, he and Traore could put wings on the bullfight and fly with both wings. Diego Costa’s injury and Morata’s lack of skills and physique are weak. As a result, Spain’s current center can only be used by the one-legged monster Rodriguez. Torres Gabriel’s double world-class striker insurance, but now they can’t find a suitable candidate in the strongest link in the past. The pigeon boldly suggests that he should try Sao forward Aduriz? In addition, the previous article in Spain also mentioned that Carvajal was absent due to injury, which led to Enrique's emergency call for Barcelona all-rounder Roberto, which was really helpless. After all, the Spanish handsome guy had faded out of the team last season. The position of the starting lineup. In this campaign, facing the Swiss team, which has gradually risen over the past two years and has extremely high tactical literacy, the opponents are not as easy to deal with as expected. Of course, judging from the strength of the lineup, few national teams on the planet can stabilize Spain, and the nature of the Europa League matches will be stronger than the general friendly match. This battle is again at home, at least in The team should have the advantage so far.

在前两场欧足联比赛中,斗牛士队首先与德国队战成1-1,而盖亚在最后一刻被追平。返回主场后,势头良好的4-0击败乌克兰将有力地压制对手的势头,这可能会损害乌克兰足球的国家线。两天前,斗牛士刚刚与葡萄牙进行了一场热身赛。双方派出了一支坚实的队伍参加比赛。他们以为自己会在一场友谊赛中发动进攻,但是他们并不希望最终的比分是0-0。瓜迪奥拉觉得双方都没有出色的进攻能力,甚至连进球都没有。幸运的是,这场比赛帮助斗牛士在所有比赛中连续14场保持不败纪录。至少在团队氛围中,这支鲜血不断的团队充满了积极的气氛。像法蒂(Fati)或索尔(Saul),科克(Coquet)和胜利的马竞中场球员那样的阿达玛特·劳尔(Adamat Laure),这些球员的加入可能改变了斗牛士的基本地面比赛。法。当然,诸如布斯,拉莫斯等老官员仍在。他们将利用自己的宝贵经验来指导这些年轻人快速成长,特别是有很多成就的有才华的法蒂。 ,他与拉马西亚(La Masia)的金童博扬(Bo Yang)距离很近,只希望在这群光荣的前辈的带领下,他和特拉奥雷(Traore)可以将斗牛的翅膀放上去,并用双翼飞翔。迭戈·科斯塔(Diego Costa)的受伤以及莫拉塔(Morata)缺乏技能和体质的能力都很弱。结果,西班牙的当前中心只能由一只脚的怪物罗德里格斯(Rodriguez)使用。托雷斯·加布里埃尔(Torres Gabriel)拥有世界一流的双重前锋保险,但现在他们在过去最紧密的联系中找不到合适的人选。鸽子大胆地建议他应该尝试圣保罗前进的阿杜里兹?此外,西班牙的前一篇文章还提到因伤缺席了卡瓦哈尔,这导致恩里克紧急呼吁巴塞罗那全能球员罗伯托,这实在无奈。毕竟,西班牙帅哥上赛季已经退出了球队。起始阵容的位置。在这场战役中,面对过去两年逐渐崛起,战术素养极高的瑞士队,对手的应对并不像预期的那么容易。当然,从阵容的实力来看,这个星球上很少有国家队能够稳定西班牙,并且欧洲联赛的比赛性质将比一般友谊赛更强。这场战斗又回到了主场,至少在目前为止该队应该有优势。

The recent record of the Swiss team is not ideal. Last month’s UEFA Europa League match was lost to the unremitting efforts of Ukraine. With a score of 1-2, Switzerland Lukaku Sefilovic scored a face goal, while opponents Ukraine Robben Yalmo Uenko and teenager Zinchenko Respectively scored goals, Switzerland had the advantage of 68% possession rate, but lost. Subsequently, the Swiss team ushered in Germany at home again, the recent situation of the game: still holding the initiative of the stadium, but unfortunately by the opponent 14 minutes from the Manchester city midfield hub Gundogan scored. Fortunately, the output continued to be stable in the later period, and the right back Wademore equalized the score. In the end, the score was locked at 1-1, tying the world-class team and performing well. But then in a friendly match, the team lost 1-2 at home to the seemingly exhausted World Cup finals Croatia. The scene data was almost the same. The Grid Corps fouled more and shot more goals. Demonstrating a stronger desire to win, Switzerland's casual loss is not wronged. From the above three recent games, the pigeons summarized the Swiss technical and tactical analysis. The team is not conservative and can get the opportunity to insist on attacking. It is still different from the past counter-attack wing pass. The difference. The same is that the team does not hesitate to use long passes to launch the offense, and Xhaka, who is commanded in the center, has a scalpel-like pass. In the frontcourt, Saifilovic is tall, has a wide range of activities, and has considerable energy to chase the ball behind him. At the same time, since Behrami, due to the tenacious midfielder debut of Renard, the Swiss players seem to have their own FM aggressive 20 attributes. In addition, Shaqiri’s new crown is recovering from the new crown and is rushing to the national team. Swiss Messi’s timely comeback is important for the ball. The team is significant. However, this is at the cost of sacrificing the multi-express back Akanji. After all, in the latest new crown test, he is the only one in the Swiss team who tested positive. This son is destined to miss the exciting matchup.

瑞士队的最近记录并不理想。由于乌克兰的不懈努力,上个月的欧洲联盟欧洲联赛输了。瑞士人卢卡库·塞菲洛维奇(Lukaku Sefilovic)以1-2的比分射门得分,而对手乌克兰选手罗本·雅尔莫·乌恩科(Ulban Ualmo Uenko)和小将辛琴科(Zinchenko)分别射入进球,瑞士拥有68%的控球率,但输了。随后,瑞士队再次在主场迎战德国队,最近的比赛情况:仍在球场上保持主动,但不幸的是被对手从曼城中场中锋冈多安第14分钟攻入。幸运的是,在随后的时期中,输出继续保持稳定,右后卫Wademore使得分相等。最后,比分锁定为1-1,与世界一流的球队并列并取得了不错的成绩。但随后在一场友谊赛中,球队在看似疲惫的世界杯决赛阶段克罗地亚队的比赛中主场1-2败。场景数据几乎相同。 Grid Corps犯规更多,射门更多。瑞士的偶亚搏手机版app然损失无可厚非,体现了人们对胜利的强烈渴望。从最近的三场比亚搏手机版赛中,赛鸽总结了瑞士的技术和战术分析。球队并不保守,可以有机会坚持进攻。它仍然与过去的反攻翼传球不同。区别。相同的是,团队会毫不犹豫地使用长传来发动进攻,而被命令中锋的Xhaka拥有像手术刀一样的传球。在前场,塞菲洛维奇身材高大,从事各种活动,并有足够的精力追逐身后的球。同时,自贝拉米(Behrami)以来,由于雷纳德(Renard)顽强的中场首秀,瑞士球员似乎拥有自己的FM激进20属性。此外,沙奇里(Shaqiri)的新桂冠正在从新桂冠中恢复,并正在向国家队冲去。瑞士人梅西的及时复出对于控球至关重要。团队意义重大。但是,这是以牺牲多表达后背Akanji为代价的。毕竟,在最新的新冠测中,他是瑞士队中唯一测试呈阳性的人。这个儿子注定会错过令人兴奋的比赛。

At the data level, the European index version of the major institutions in the initial market is diverse, with 146, 147, and 148. Afterwards, the changes are basically not seen. The development is moving in the positive direction of Spain, and while further consolidating the advantages, it will also promote the Swiss team. It becomes impossible to score two possible points. In terms of the Kelly index, in addition to the average win index, the difference in calculation of the flat index is particularly large, while the negative index is because the value is too high. The calculation of the variance is not obvious. It means that the various institutions have reached a consensus in the reverse direction? The small conspiracy theory in the pigeon's mind instantly revealed that it was almost ineffective when combined with the Asian index data. Maintaining a stable goal and half handicap, the two sides have similar data, and no too radical changes can be seen in the short term.


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Ukraine vs Germany


The Ukrainian national team, coached by the former Milan dormitory V, is one of the teams that the pigeons have paid the most attention to in the past two years. In the two UEFA Europa League group matches in September, the team's hard power at home was stronger than its opponent Switzerland. The score was 2-1. See the previous article for the detailed process of winning. In addition to the previous 2-1 home win against Portugal, the team thought that Ukraine would soar into the sky and out of control, setting off a revolution in world football! Unexpectedly, the subsequent two-game losing streak caused Ukraine to fall miserably. Lost to Spain 0-4, there is nothing wrong with the style of play was restrained, opponents and star player Ramos. The following friendly match completely brought Ukraine back to its original shape. France 7-1 defeated the Yellow and Blues. Looking closely at the game, it turns out that the French team is still training for this campaign, and even the 17-year-old Kamawenga played in the starting position. The Bayern rotation player Toliso played the entire game, and Martial of the Red Devils took the shade behind Dashu Giroud, so uncomfortable. Mbappe, Pogba, and Griezmann played slowly in the second half, winning Ukraine with ease, proving that the team has not yet competed with world-class teams in hard power, at least 2 points behind. Grade. Even if Sheva went up to play on his own, facing the strong offensive of the Gaul Roosters, the team quickly surrendered. In this campaign, we will meet Germany again. Deutsche Chariot and France are at the same level. If Ukraine does not have a major breakthrough in morale tactics, it will be difficult to score points at home.

由前米兰宿舍V执教的乌克兰国家队是过去两年中最受关注的战队之一。在9月份的两次欧洲联盟欧洲联赛小组赛中,球队的主场强于对手。得分是2-1。有关获胜的详细过程,请参阅上一篇文章。除了之前以2-1击败葡萄牙的主场胜利外,球队还认为乌克兰会飞向天亚搏手机版空并失控,掀起一场世界足球革命!出乎意料的是,随后的两连败导致乌克兰惨败。输给西班牙0-4,没有什么错,他的比赛风格被克制,对手和球星拉莫斯。接下来的友谊赛将乌克兰完全带回了原来的状态。法国7-1击败了黄色和蓝色。仔细观察比赛,事实证明法国队仍在为这项运动训练,甚至17岁的卡马温加(Kamawenga)都处于起跑位置。拜仁轮换球员托里索(Toliso)整场比赛都参加了比赛,而红魔战士(Martial of the Red Devils)则在达舒·吉鲁(Dashu Giroud)身后留下了阴影,这让他很不舒服。姆巴佩,波格巴和格里兹曼在下半场比赛中表现缓慢,轻松赢得了乌克兰冠军,这证明该队还没有与世界一流的球队竞争,至少落后2分。年级。即使Sheva面对高卢公鸡的强大进攻独自上场比赛,球队也很快投降了。在这次运动中,我们将再次与德国见面。德意志战车和法国处于同一水平。如果乌克兰在士气策略上没有重大突破,将很难在国内获得分数。

In contrast to the visiting team Germany, the team performed generally in the UEFA Europa League last month. A 1-1 draw with Spain at home, but was beaten by opponent Gaya at the last moment, and the cooked duck finally flew. However, looking closely at the scene data, the German team's own home game data has fallen completely, and even the matador's threatening attack is four times that of Germany. It is obvious that the matador has more fighting spirit in this game, and the Germans who have always been rigorous and serious are also Stole a laziness in this strong conversation. Then came the second draw, the same 1-1 draw with Switzerland, the scene data difference between the two sides is not big, it can be said that they are evenly matched. But judging from the hard power of the German team, are they really evenly matched? It is hard to see that the team with the ball-blind filter Tonicros has unconsciously been a step higher than any opponent. May I ask which national team has such a powerful metronome? In the last two days of friendly matches, the team found Turkey, which reached the "Labor Agreement" in 1957 and established friendly diplomatic relations. The match process went through twists and turns. The final score was 3-3. Germany led three times and was tied for three times. The nature of friendly matches Germans can be lazy, and they will be criticized by major media in the race. Of course, this game finally played a big result. After all, with Gnabry, Werner and other super offensive players played two consecutive 1-1 games, the performance is unreasonable. However, in another event, Germany performed very well in the European preliminaries last year. Not to mention that it maintained a complete away game, and once stabilized the Tulip 3-2. Once serious, the German wheels rolled over all opponents. This campaign faces Ukraine, whose strength is a certain distance from its own, and Germany has a very large advantage in terms of hard power. It's just that the fighting spirit can have a certain amount. The pigeons doubted how much the Bayern help players such as Kimmich and Neuer have after winning the Champions League. After all, Flick, who blew to the sky last season, is now struggling inexplicably in the league. After all, joining Bayern is equivalent to entering the core circle of the German national team. Whether the players can mobilize their own subjective initiative, there is such a little pressure in this campaign.


At the data level, the Asian index's data received a high return from the home team of Ukraine in the half-one handicap, and then the threshold was directly doubled and changed to Germany to give one and a half goals. Such an undoubted change made the pigeons flustered, which undoubtedly brought huge Rally itself is a strong German team with its own heat, which makes the pigeons very uneasy. According to the data of the European index, the version changed from 531 in the initial market to 951, which has changed drastically in the direction of Germany's favor. Is it possible that Germany will do its best in this game? At least the organization is trying its best to create such an atmosphere, or to reflect the real situation. When the negative data of the European index has almost fallen below the 20% profit rate, the pigeon believes that the campaign agency suddenly raised the threshold to cover up the fact that only one goal won.


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