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In the past few years, Chinese football is experiencing an unprecedented trough. The national team is aging. However, our younger generation of players has not grown up, so there has been a lack of talent. The direct performance is that the national team needs to use old players if they want to keep their results, but the old players' bodies and conditions are declining day by day, and if the young players are forced to rise, then the results will fall off a cliff, so now the national football team is facing what to do It's all a painful situation.


Of course, in order to alleviate the pain of the national football, our football managers also made a relentless move, opening the era of naturalization of Chinese football. What I thought at the time was that since our own young players are temporarily unavailable, some outstanding Chinese players and non-Chinese Chinese Super League foreign aids will be converted into our own through naturalization, so that we can temporarily help the national football team temporarily solve the problem of talent shortage. Even if naturalized properly, it can improve the overall level of the national football, solve the shortcomings of the main position, return to the top in Asia, and impact the Asian championship and World Cup places.


Of course, I thought very well, but the operation is very complicated. Because naturalization has very harsh conditions, for example, Chinese players must have not participated in A-level events on behalf of any other national brands before. Non-Chinese players must play in China for 5 consecutive years under the above conditions. So after the road to naturalization started, our naturalization progress has not been much in the past two years. Currently, only two players have played in official matches for the national football team, namely Guangzhou Evergrande forward Exon and Beijing Zhonghe Guoan’s Chinese naturalized midfielder Li Ke. And only two people are obviously unable to help the national football team have a great improvement. In addition to these two people, there are 3 people selected for the training list, namely Guangzhou Evergrande's wingers Luo Guofu and Fernando and central defender Jiang Guangtai. Of course, there is also a forward Alan who has already qualified for the national football but has not yet entered the list.


It can be said that after these players gathered in the national football team, many shortcomings of the national football team have been solved, such as the always weak striker, such as the central defender who has no successor. It can be said that the national football lineup has been improved a lot, but it is still two points away from perfection. One is the high center fulcrum of the striker, and the other is the organizational core of the midfield. The second and most urgent thing is the core of the midfield, and the core of the national football midfield is not clear. Goulart is the first choice, but since he was loaned back to the Brazilian League by Evergrande for half a season in the 2019 season, due to the introduction of the new regulations, according to the regulations, he is equal to five years of playing time in China, so there is a high probability Will be sentenced to 2023 to qualify for the national football.


And it is precisely because of the changes in the new rules that the offensive core Teixeira of the Chinese Super League giant Jiangsu Suning is eligible again. He will reach 5 years early next year. However, because naturalization requires a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources for the club, Suning is not very active at present. In addition, Teixeira’s current contract with Suning also expires at the end of the year, so there are many teams chasing him. Some time ago, the Saudi giants also threw an olive branch to Teixeira to dig him away. However, due to my preference for naturalization, I haven't left for the time being, but so far, there is no real progress.


And while everyone was still worried about Teixeira's naturalization, good news came from another position of the national football team, that is, there is a candidate for the position of the high center forward. Although many fans believe that there is a good candidate in our current national football lineup that is teenager Zhang Yuning. But Zhang Yuning performed well in the Super League, but it is still uncertain whether it will work as a fulcrum in the international arena. But this naturalized player can basically be sure that he is fine. He is currently playing for the veteran Chinese Super League team, Chongqing Contemporary.


Caldek, born in Brazil in 1989, is 31 years old. He is 1.85 meters tall and is a typical high center forward. He has a strong body, excellent strength and jumping ability, strong impact, and excellent header skills. He joined Chongqing Lifan in the summer of 2016. He currently scored 55 goals for the Chongqing team and is the best scorer in the history of the Chongqing team. This season, he played 9 times on behalf of Chongqing, scored 7 goals, and also had two assists. Chongqing is the main contributor to the championship group. It can be said that his efficiency is absolutely needed by the national football team. Of course, more importantly, his fulcrum role can help people like Wu Lei and Wei Shihao on the side to create opportunities. However, due to the limited funds of the Chongqing Club, everyone knows that Caldek will definitely not be naturalized in Chongqing.


According to "Football News" official Weibo news, although Suning Brazil’s foreign aid Teixeira’s naturalization is still in the game, Chongqing’s foreign aid Caldek has recently been targeted by a southern team. Caldeck will also meet the naturalization conditions by next July, so he is expected to join the Southern team in the following season.


It can be said that if Caldek can really find the right club and succeed in naturalization, then it is definitely a good thing for the national football because he can make the national football's offense more three-dimensional. At least someone in Thailand can solve the problem with a header. How do you think of this? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!


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