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亚搏手机版app_中国"幼儿园足球热"降温:3岁考级 踢比赛被叫停
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亚搏手机版app_中国"幼儿园足球热"降温:3岁考级 踢比赛被叫停

Training, grade examination, playing competition, kindergarten


Recently, the "Negative List of Football Activities for Children Aged 3-6" was released with eight prohibitions to correct the irrational fanaticism of kindergarten football in a timely manner.

最近,发布了“ 3至6岁儿童足球活动负面清单”,其中包括八项禁令,以及时纠正幼儿园足球的非理性狂热。

The academic burden of primary and middle school students is getting heavier, and the time for children is relatively ample. When they spend the extracurricular sports in kindergarten, they often face the humbleness of physical education teachers who are sick for no reason.


If you don't take exams, you won't be taken seriously. Sports gradually enters the middle and college entrance examinations, and your scores become the baton.


Children still can't get the interest in physical education.


the first,


At the 2020 National School Football Work Video Conference, the National School Football Expert Committee and the National Early Childhood Football Expert Committee deliberated and approved the release of the negative list of national preschool football activities, and kindergarten football craze ushered in a pot of cold water.


Since the introduction of the "China Football Reform and Development Overall Plan" in 2014, campus football has initially formed an integrated football development system for elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and universities. On this basis, it is extended downwards, and it has become the consensus of the industry to include the children from 3 to 6 years old into the overall development system of campus football.


In 2018, the Chinese Football Association launched the "Doll Football Project" and formulated the "National Doll Football Project Implementation Plan (2018-2020)". After a comprehensive assessment in 2019, the first batch of 3570 kindergartens became national football kindergartens.

2018年,中国足协启动了“娃娃足球项目”,制定了“国家娃娃足球项目实施计划(2018- 2020年)”。经过2019年的全面评估后,首批3570所幼儿园成为了国家足球幼儿园。

The development momentum of infant football has attracted the attention of sports training institutions across the country. Previously, only gymnastics and swimming were selected in the early childhood stage. Nowadays, badminton, table tennis, football, basketball, equestrianism and other sports compete for territory.


But with so many training institutions, which one is more professional? Unlike elementary and middle schools that have test scores as evaluation criteria, to test the high level of training institutions at the kindergarten stage, take the exam and play the game.


Parents have spent real money, and when choosing training classes for their children, they have to see the "visible" results. There is nothing more intuitive than how many skills the children have mastered and whether the competition is good or not.


The younger age of competitive sports is not scientific, it violates the law of children's growth and development. The intention of the negative list is very clear, which is to correct the tendency of kindergarten football to become primary or even secondary.


At the elementary and middle school level, physical education retreated behind the scenes in the face of the pressure of further studies. Obesity, myopia, poor endurance... Elementary and middle school students either don't have time to run, or they run like ducks with bloated body.


Because under the current baton of the college entrance examination, only sports scores are emphasized.


On August 6, the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau issued the "Guangzhou Junior High School Level Examination Physical Education and Health Examination Implementation Opinions". The new Guangzhou Physical Education Examination to be implemented in 2021 will increase the score of the physical and health examination to 70 points.


On December 27, 2019, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education issued the "Implementation Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of the Enrollment System for High School Examinations". The "rising" of sports to the same status as the number of languages ​​outside the language, the score is 100 points, Yunnan is the first case in the country.


Due to the high school entrance examination for physical education, the college entrance examination does not take the physical education, leading to the current high school students' physical fitness is not as good as the junior high school students.


Under the background of the entrance examination for physical education, junior high school physical education is gradually becoming an exam-oriented class. In contrast, high school physical education is formalized, and most domestic high school physical education classes can only reach the level of "moving and moving".


Wang Zongping, director of the Business Research Center of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, believes that


Starting in 2019, colleges and universities with independent enrollment rights have added sports tests in the school examinations. This move is regarded as releasing an important signal, that is, as an important aspect of students' comprehensive quality, the assessment of physical fitness and athletic ability may be included in the college entrance examination in the future.


In 2020, the "Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education and Promoting the Healthy Development of Adolescents" was officially released, clearly incorporating physical education into the scope of junior and senior high school level examinations, and launching research on the use of physical literacy in college enrollment.


Physical education is not equal to sports. Primary and middle school physical education is always in the test-taking gimmick; preschool physical education is in a utilitarian trend.


Physical education in elementary and middle schools is almost a paradox: if it is not included in the exam, it will easily become a formality; once it is included in the exam, it will be a test-oriented course with a high probability.


In the youth sports competition system, school competitions, U series competitions and other youth sports events at all levels will be unified and integrated to establish divisions (elementary school, junior high school, high school, university), cross-regional (county, city, province, country) The four-level event system.

在青少年体育竞赛体系中,将学校竞赛,U系列竞赛和其他各级青年体育赛事统一起来,并建立区划(小学,初中,高中,大学),跨地区(县,市)。 ,省,国家)四级事件系统。

The requirements of sports events for an athlete do not stop at the "three-minute heat" level of interest.


Real interest means


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