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This week, the new season of the Champions League will kick off, but the defending Premier League champion Liverpool has experienced an unprecedented defense crisis. In the first 5 rounds of the Premier League, they have conceded 13 goals. In the same period, Liverpool lost 13 goals last season but spent 14 games. While there are major problems in defense, misfortunes never come singly, but also the season's reimbursement of the strongest central defender Van Dijk. This season, Liverpool is facing a severe situation at the beginning of the season, and the two-lane battle is about to begin, which is by no means a good signal.

本周,欧洲冠军联赛的新赛季将拉开帷幕,但英超卫冕冠军利物浦经历了前所未有的防御危机。在英超联赛的前5轮中,他们承认失球13球。在同一时期,利物浦上赛季输掉了13个进球,但是却花了14场比赛。尽管防守方面存在重大问题,但不幸的是永远不会单独发生,而是本赛季亚搏手机版最强大的中央后卫范·迪克(Van Dijk)的报销。本赛季,利物浦在本赛季初面临严峻形势,两车道之战即将开始,这绝不是一个好信号。

Originally because of the crisis of the top goalkeeper Alisson's injury, Liverpool lost a total of 9 goals in the past two rounds of the league, and the city derby was also tied 2-2 by the strong momentum of Everton. After 5 rounds, Liverpool were punctured 13 times by their opponents and ranked first in the number of goals conceded in the Premier League, which made their defending champions lose face. At present, they are tied with newly promoted Massi Bromwich with 13 goals conceded as the worst defense in the Premier League. Another newly promoted Fulham has conceded 12 goals in 5 games and is slightly better than Liverpool.


In the first round of the Champions League, Liverpool will challenge Ajax away, but in the context of the collapse of the league defense, many unfavorable factors have emerged in the new Champions League journey. After Van Dijk was shoveled by Pittford in the game, Liverpool announced today that he was almost reimbursed for the season because of a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee joint. This serious injury can make a player career. Direct reimbursement. Alisson + Van Dijk are absent, especially with a high probability that Van Dijk will miss all games in the new season that has just begun. The stability of Liverpool's defense will be further discounted.

在冠军联赛的第一轮比赛中,利物浦将挑战阿贾克斯,但在联赛防守崩溃的背景下,新的冠军联赛之旅中出现了许多不利因素。范·迪克在比赛中被皮特福德铲掉后,利物浦今天宣布,由于膝盖前十字韧带断裂,他本赛季几乎获得了报销。这种严重的伤害可以使球员生涯。直接报销。 Alisson + Van Dijk缺席,尤其是Van Dijk很可能会错过刚刚开始的新赛季的所有比赛。利物浦的防守稳定性将进一步降低。

Major player injury is a common situation that all clubs need to be psychologically prepared. Although it is difficult to accept, it must also be faced. Alisson can make a comeback before the end of the month, but it is well known that Liverpool's main and substitute levels in these two key positions are too far apart. Klopp must consider how to change his position and turn his previous most dominant position into a fatal shortcoming. How to solve it as soon as possible. In the future, the schedule will become dense, with 6 UEFA Champions League group matches being interspersed between 6 rounds of the Premier League. At this time, waiting for the transfer market to wait until the winter window to buy people.


Klopp faces the most severe test since he became Liverpool's coach, but he will not come to the end of the world. From the perspective of the schedule, Liverpool’s opponents in the next 6 league rounds are not traditional strong teams. The Wolves and Leicester City are already the strongest opponents in the future league. In the UEFA Champions League, they are divided into groups that are easy to qualify. Denmark, Jutland and Eredivisie Ajax are not particularly difficult opponents to deal with. Only Atlanta, the strongest Serie A firepower, can drink a pot for the Reds but compete for a qualifying spot. The problem is not big. During this time, Uncle Zack needs to consider the plan for the entire season.


The goal of the double-line championship is indeed difficult to achieve. Fortunately, the strength of the entire Red Army team is still relatively stable. As long as the players' psychological homework is done well, the key is not to cause huge psychological fluctuations. Encountering a crisis early is not necessarily a bad thing. In the most difficult time, you will find that many problems can still be overcome. After lowering your posture, you may find a different landscape.


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