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Messi and Ronaldo, who is stronger? Over the past ten years, this issue has defined the world of football and has sparked debate among countless fans.


In the age of social media, you cannot admire these two players at the same time, you must choose one of them. And your choice can reflect the way you look at the football game. As Figo said, this is a matter of taste: "It's like choosing between white truffle or caviar."


In any case, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have entered the ranks of the greatest players of all time, and are widely regarded as the "extreme double pride" in football. After all, they have represented Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Spanish national derby for 9 consecutive years, and they have made continuous progress under the promotion of each other.


Messi said in an interview with DAZN: "This kind of confrontation will last forever. It is not easy to maintain the highest level for such a long time, especially considering that Barcelona and Real Madrid where we play are the best clubs in the world. Players are very demanding. People will always remember our fierce competition for so many years. I think whether you are a Real Madrid or Barcelona fan, as long as you like football, you will appreciate the competition between us."


The competition between Messi and Ronaldo has not ended. Although they are both over thirty, the competitive state has not shown any signs of significant decline. Therefore, many fans are still keen to start a heated debate around which of them is stronger.


An interesting question is: what will happen in football when Messi and Ronaldo retire? As the two greatest protagonists leave the stage, will the audience also leave?


"I don't want to express a pessimistic attitude." Said Saviola, who has played for Barcelona and Real Madrid in his career. "But after Ronaldo and Messi retired, it is difficult for any other player to reach their level. Especially Messi. , I think he did some “non-human” things. It’s hard for you to play, score goals and win championship trophies like him.”

“我不想表达悲观的态度。”萨维奥拉说亚搏手机版,他在职业生涯中曾为巴塞罗那和皇家马德里效力。 “但是在罗纳尔多和梅西退役后,其他任何球员都很难达到他们的水平。尤其是梅西。我认为他做了一些“非人类”的事情。你很难打球,进球和赢得冠军奖亚搏手机版杯他。”

"But in the past many years, Messi and Ronaldo have always been the best players and won a total of 11 Golden Globe Awards."


This is precisely what makes Messi and Ronaldo extraordinary: they can maintain their competitive form for ten years.


"It's really incredible." Spanish football writer Andy West said. "They almost never miss a game. Both have the physical fitness to play forty or fifty games a year. Messi and Ronaldo have never encountered serious problems. The injury problem is also very rare. If you look back at the history of football, you will find that few players can maintain their outstanding performance for a long time like them."

“真是不可思议。”西班牙足球作家安迪·韦斯特说。 “他们几乎从未缺席过比赛。他们俩的身体素质每年都可以参加40或50场比赛。梅西和罗纳尔多从未遇到过严重的问题。受伤问题也很少见。如果回顾一下足球的历史,您会发现,会发现很少有球员能像他们一样长期保持出色的表现。”

"For example, Brazilian striker Ronaldo was the best player in the world at his peak, but due to frequent injuries, his peak period was very short. Ronaldinho is also an extraordinary wizard who can play in ways that people can't imagine, but His peak period is not long, because he lost his focus on football. He is more keen to enjoy life. Ronaniltinho may have a peak period of 4 to 5 years, but then it has gone downhill."


"So you see, maintaining peak form is a very difficult thing, but in the past ten years, Messi and Ronaldo have always been the best players in the world. They played for the two best teams in the world and played The best leagues create brilliance together in competition, which makes the era of peerless double pride even more unique."


"Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have separated all the other outstanding players. I think no one will dispute this."


Even Hazard can't get close to the level of Messi and Ronaldo. The Belgium international admitted in an interview: "I often ask myself how I can become like Messi and Ronaldo, scoring 50 or 60 goals per season. Of course I have tried, but I realize that I will always They won't be a shooter like them. It has to do with mentality. If the team leads 2-0, they may not be satisfied, but sometimes as long as the team scores a goal, I think,'Enough is enough. '"


"I am not chasing records like some other players. If the average number of goals per season can reach 15-20, I will be very happy."


For the purpose of rendering the competition, Messi and Ronaldo are often described as polarizing players: Messi is a quiet and humble genius, always prioritizing the team, Ronaldo is more like a shooting machine, with his own They are proud of their handsome appearance and scoring record... But in fact, these statements are partial and comprehensive. They have more in common, such as excellent football skills, desire for victory, and magnanimity.


"Messi has the same concentration as Ronaldo, but the way of expression is different." As the author of the book "Messi and the Art of Life", West pointed out, "We can definitely say that in order to be the best in the world Player, Cristiano Ronaldo has tried his best. Cristiano Ronaldo never conceals his ambition: He hopes that others will look at him and say that he is the greatest player in history. He always focuses on achieving this goal and wants to win outside recognition ."


"But I think Messi has a similar motivation, but it comes from the heart. Messi wants to work hard to become better and to promote himself to become a better player, but he does not want to win praise from the outside world, but for his inner self. Quiet. He doesn't need to get satisfaction from the outside world like Ronaldo, but he still has the determination to push himself to keep improving."


"So, if a player wants to maintain an excellent competitive state for a long time, the mentality is very important."


For this reason, when Messi and Ronaldo retired, Neymar may not be the best in the new world. No one would question the ability of the Brazilian striker, but his focus on football is worrying. Cruyff warned five years ago: "Outside the field, Neymar is always at the center of the storm. He still needs to improve himself in many ways. Only by playing more games can he improve. The problem is that he is often involved in some negative aspects. news."


Since his transfer to Paris Saint-Germain from Barcelona in 2017, Neymar has frequently been plagued by injuries and disciplinary issues-from the current situation, his career trajectory is more likely to develop in the direction of Ronaldinho. Because he has never found a balance between competition and making money.


"Like Neymar, Ronaldo attaches great importance to his image." West analyzed, "C Ronaldo is keen to take advantage of all business opportunities, but he also knows that all this is inseparable from his performance on the court. Football always comes first."


"C Ronaldo will not let business affect his career. But Neymar is different. If you look at his Twitter, you will find that he is always promoting the brand. Sometimes, you can hardly even imagine that he is a player... …Neymar is a celebrity first and foremost. In contrast, Ronaldo seems to never do anything that might affect his performance on the court."

“罗纳尔多(C Ronaldo)不会让生意影响他的职业。但是内马尔(Neymar)有所不同。如果看他的Twitter,您会发现他一直在推广该品牌。有时,您甚至无法想象他是一名球员...……内马尔首先是名人,相反,罗纳尔多似乎从来没有做过任何可能影响他在场上表现的事情。”

"Messi encountered physical problems early in his career. The Barcelona club's medical team quickly discovered that this was related to his bad eating habits and training plan, so he persuaded him to change his eating habits and stop eating pizza or drinking Coke. Since then, Messi's body has become healthier and he has overcome physical problems."


"But Neymar enjoys other things in life too much, which means he can't maintain the highest level for years like Messi or Ronaldo."


Some people think that in the new generation of players, Mbappe and Harland may be able to fill the void left by Melo after his retirement.


After Pele, Mbappé is the only player to score in the World Cup final before the age of 20. Haaland scored 10 goals in the Champions League in just 7 games, becoming the youngest player in the history of the tournament to score 10 goals. Mbappé and Harland have huge potential visible to the naked eye, but people want to know whether they can maintain a good state for a long time, avoid serious injuries, and whether they can always focus on football like Messi and Ronaldo. ?

继贝利之后,姆巴佩是20岁前唯一在世界杯决赛中进球的球员。哈兰德仅在7场比赛中就打入了欧洲冠军联赛的10球,成为该赛事历史上最年轻的进球10球的球员。姆巴佩和哈兰德有肉眼可见的巨大潜力,但人们想知道他们是否可以长期保持良好状态,避免严重受伤,以及是否始终可以像梅西和罗纳尔多那样专注于足球。 ?

Mbappé and Harland have very interesting personalities. According to Haaland’s former teammate Vobel at Salzburg Red Bull, when the team goes to play away games, other players like to play cards, but the Norwegian shooter is more willing to “read scientific articles that can help him improve his sleep or diet. ".

姆巴佩(Mbappé)和哈兰(Harland)具有非常有趣的个性。据哈兰德(Haland)在萨尔茨堡红牛队(Salzburg Red Bull)的前队友沃贝尔(Vobel)说,当球队去玩游戏时,其他球员都喜欢打牌,但挪威射手更愿意“阅读有助于他改善睡眠或饮食的科学文章。 ”。

Mbappé is also focused on improving himself: Monaco won the Ligue 1 championship in 2016-17, but he missed a celebration party in order to get enough rest time so that his body can be at its best in the next day of training status.


Mbappé once admitted that he was "not hardworking", but many journalists who have been following the French League and the French national team for a long time believe that he really loves football-as long as he can maintain his passion for football games, then he should continue to impact New record.


But even Mbappé himself said that it is almost impossible for him to reach Messi's scoring data. Mbappé scored 33 goals in 29 Ligue 1 games last season, but he still couldn't prevent Messi from winning the European Golden Boot for the third consecutive year. "Sometimes I complete a hat-trick in a game, but Messi can score four next." Mbappé told French Football magazine, "I talked to his Barcelona teammate Dembele, I said :'It's impossible! Did he do it on purpose?'"

但是即使姆巴佩本人也表示,他几乎不可能获得梅西的得分数据。姆巴佩上赛季在29场联赛1场比赛中攻入33球,但他仍然无法阻止梅西连续第三年赢得欧洲金靴奖。 “有时候我会在一场比赛中完成帽子戏法,但梅西接下来可以得分四分。”姆巴佩对《法国足球》杂志说:“我和他的巴塞罗那队友登贝莱谈过,我说:'不可能!他是故意这样做的吗?'”

In a sense, in the future, I am afraid that it will be difficult for players to achieve the goal rate of Messi and Ronaldo, or push football into a new era like they did.


"In the era of social media outbreaks, Messi and Ronaldo’s chasing after me is particularly unparalleled." European sports reporter Josh Robinson of the Wall Street Journal said, "So, they brought a new kind of consumer football. Way. When Ronaldo joined Juventus from Real Madrid, you can see that the number of social media fans of the two clubs has fluctuated significantly...Even if they retired, the fans will continue this habit and continue. Chasing new idols."


In any case, the debate around Melo who is stronger will continue, and supporters on both sides may never reach an agreement. As Messi said, his duel with Ronaldo will become eternal.


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