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   Although the Heat won the fourth game, the process was not so friendly to them.


   In order to reduce the exposure of their weaknesses, they shortened the use of personnel. The miserable Olynik who was targeted in the first few games completely fell out of the rotation. Nunn, who was on both ends of the offense and defense, also lost his position. Solomon Hill unexpectedly got the chance to play, but in all Only played for 4 minutes. Duncan Robinson's playing time was cut, and at the same time, his defensive ability was better. Iguodala, who is extremely experienced in the playoffs, gained up to 27 minutes of playing time in this game.

为了减少暴露自己的弱亚搏手机版点,他们缩短了人员的使用。在前几场比赛中被瞄准的悲惨的奥林尼克完全没有参加轮换。攻防两端的努恩(Nunn)也失去了位置。所罗门·希尔(Solomon Hill)意外地获得了上场的机会,但是总共只上场了4分钟。邓肯·罗宾逊(Duncan Robinson)的上场时间减少了,同时,他的防守能力也得到了提高。在季后赛中经验丰富的伊瓜达拉在这场比赛中获得了长达27分钟的上场时间。

   This does help the Heat maintain a stable performance on the defensive end, but it also brings some other problems. Iguodala is too procrastinating for this point. After he occupied Dun Roe’s playing time for a long time, the Heat’s positional battle space suddenly became blocked. The Celtics often selectively adopted a 5-defense and 4-defense strategy. Put a lot of pressure on the Heat's offense.

这确实有助于热火在防守端保持稳定的表现,但同时也带来了其他一些问题。伊格达拉对此太拖延了。在占据了Dun Roe的比赛时间很长一段时间之后,热火的阵地战场突然被封锁了。凯尔特人队经常选择采用5防守和4防守策略。对热火的进攻施加很大压力。

   After the whole game, their shooting performance from beyond the three-point line was 10 of 37, shooting only 27%, far below their season average.


   This is not a good signal, but fortunately, Shiro burst. In this game that may determine the final outcome of the series, he scored 37 points, scored 14 of 21 shots, and also hit 5 three-pointers, including 17 points in the fourth quarter.


   But to a certain extent, Shiro’s outbreak was also something the Celtics gave him.


   On the one hand, Walker can't stop Shiro, which has been proven many times in this series.


   On the other hand, the Celtics' choice of defensive pick-and-roll defenses is actually quite confusing.


Sometimes they are very big, especially for Duncan Robinson’s arrangement, but sometimes they don’t. When dealing with the Heat’s offensive style, the center should choose to raise it or sink to the bottom. The attitude has always seemed hesitant.


   Let’s take Shiro’s outbreak today. He actually captured this defensive characteristic of the Celtics. When a center player handles a pick-and-roll, the first choice is always to sink and penetrate the defense.


   So you look at these goals that Shiro scored. The real defensive interference he received was the moment when the opposing defender squeezed through the screen to chase and block. The interference in frontal aiming at the basket was actually very limited.


   When you develop the shooting feel of a shooter like this, you have to be prepared to become completely unstoppable when his hands are hot.


   Of course, the Celtics made some adjustments to this point later.


  For example, they arranged their center forward to defend Iguodala, and kept the big man in their defensive deterrent zone for a longer time. Let the striker go to match Adebayor, because of the enhanced mobility, when they encounter the pick-and-roll at the 15th position, they have a wider choice. They can go up to the defense line to change defense, or they can directly take the ball. Human flanking.


   However, this still failed to limit Shiro's play.


   This is the most underestimated ability of the player Taylor Hilo-he is actually a playmaker who grows very fast and is seriously underestimated by the outside world.

这是球员泰勒·希洛(Taylor Hilo)最被低估的能力,他实际上是一个成长迅速且被外界严重低估的组织者。

Like this ball, in the face of Hayward and Tatum’s double attack, Shiro made a very bold and stagnant false pass, deceiving Smart who was about to shrink inward and pincer Adebayor to create for his teammates. A very perfect misplaced single eat under the basket.


   Another example is this ball. The ball is played before the opponent's defense is fully formed, forming a connection with Adebayor and directly hitting the opponent's hinterland.


   For a rookie who is only 20 years old, these qualities shown by Shiro are really impressive.


  In terms of talent, he is actually very average.


   is 1.96 meters tall and has a wingspan of 1.91 meters. He lacks a decent attack on the basket. When defending a quick small guard, his mobility may not be enough. As he himself said in an interview: "When I was in Kentucky, no one thought I could live there. Similarly, no one thought I could get a foothold in the NBA."


   But the reality is that he did it, and he did it better than everyone thought.


  He is an excellent shooter.


   His fixed-point jumper efficiency in the regular season exceeded 96% of the league's players, reaching 1.311 points per round. As a new shooter, he is good at doing all the work that pulls the space. His shooting threats out of the off-ball screen exceed 83% of the league's players, and his performance on the catch and jumper is better than 94% of the people.


   He never stage fright, has a strong heart.


   Shiro in the playoffs is still very capable of playing outside offensive efficiency. The revenue of fixed-point jumpers is maintained at the level of 1.273 points per round, and the shooting rate is as high as 50%, which is more terrifying than the regular season.


   So far in the playoffs, he has scored a total of 20 points in critical moments, second only to Jimmy Butler in the team, made 6 key three-pointers, and shot 46.2%. These include the two crucial three-pointers in the final quarter of the Eastern Conference finals. Without Hero's powerful big heart performance, the trend after the series might be completely rewritten.

到目前为止,在季后赛中,他在关键时刻总共获得了20分,仅次于车队的吉米·巴特勒(Jimmy Butler),取得了6个关键的三分球,并且命中率为46.2%。其中包括东部决赛第四节的两个关键三分球。没有Hero强大的大心脏表现,该系列赛后的趋势可能会完全被重写。

  More importantly, Shiro has never been content to be only a shooter.


   At first, he was more arranged on the ball-free end. Before the rematch, he could only touch the ball 42.8 times per game, but after training and promotion during the suspension period, Hiro took over more possessions from Spoelstra. His average per game The number of touches in the playoffs rose to 57.9, and the number of assists rose from 1.9 before the suspension to 3.9 today.


   In the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals, he had sent 12 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists in a quasi triple-double.


   Once, Shiro was considered a mediocre white shooter. In his draft template, Stauskas can be seen everywhere, but now, he is using actions to change the outside world's stereotype of him.


  Some people are destined to be born for the big scene. And I think Tyler Hilo is such a person.


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