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亚搏手机版-最惨烈德比!新赛制未必只能裁判抢镜 足球回归本身
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亚搏手机版-最惨烈德比!新赛制未必只能裁判抢镜 足球回归本身

The first penalty shoot-out in the Chinese Super League, the first single-game change of six players, Sun Shilin's absolute world wave in 90 minutes, the hour hand of the game went to 120 minutes and Yang Xu almost ended the game. Suspicious Chen Wei made two rescue saves. All the excitement and suspense are all piled up, and the climax of the hand is blooming in the final stage. We must not hesitate to roar and scream because this is the football game we want to see!


  Ma Ning still played so sharply, the two teams each received five yellow cards, but undoubtedly, he is not the protagonist at all today, waiting for all kinds of people to watch the Chinese football jokes quickly dispersed, no matter how pessimistic or even gloating after the Beijing-Lu Battle yesterday. But today the Shanghai Derby can show that Chinese football is still very strong! The football match between SIPG and Shenhua will return to football itself without compromise. Although the game must be a winner, we applauded and applauded the performance of the two teams!

马宁仍然表现得如此犀利亚搏手机版app,两支球队各获得五张黄牌,但毫无疑问,他今天根本不是主角,等待各种各样的人看着中国足球的笑话迅速消散,无论他们多么悲观甚至幸灾乐祸昨天的京鲁战役之后。但是今天上海德比可以证明中国足球仍然非常强大! SIPG和申花之间的足球比赛将毫不妥协地恢复到足球本身。尽管这场比赛一定是赢家,但我们为两支球队的表现赞扬并称赞!

   Shanghai SIPG has experienced similar intestinal battles in the past. Many times, they played against the three lines of Evergrande, the AFC and Jeonbuk’s penalties, which are all masterpieces of Chinese football. Compared with Shanghai Shenhua, which is weaker in strength, it can also reach this point. To be honest, it is quite unexpected. After all, Shenhua can only use two foreign players, and only a single foreign player will start. But in this game, the Shenhua people are still these people, but we have seen a super blue fighter who is absolutely different from the past, forcibly forced the first-class Asian Shanghai SIPG to the point of playing against the wind. If Yang Xu can kill in the end, this will be a historic and decisive victory for Shanghai Shenhua. At that time, Shenhua fans can shout: "Boss of Shanghai Beach, we!"


  Unfortunately, no. The other side of Shenhua's grief left is the cheers of the rest of his life. SIPG has experienced many similar games against the wind, and as a result, it has exercised an unusually stable performance in penalty shootouts. This is actually the side of SIPG who is accustomed to ruining the ruin and is easily overlooked. Of course they are worthy of this victory. Since 2013, the two teams have played nearly 20 derby games in the league and cup matches. Although there are only two actual goals in this ball, there is any suspense. This must be the number one derby in Shanghai so far, the most tangled! The top! The worst! The most tragic!

很不幸的是,不行。神华亚搏手机版悲痛的另一面是他余生的欢呼声。 SIPG在逆风中经历了许多类似的比赛,因此,它在点球大战中表现出异常稳定的表现。实际上,这是SIPG习惯于破坏废墟并容易被忽视的一面。当然,他们值得这次胜利。自2013年以来,这两支球队在联赛和杯赛中均出战了近20场德比比赛。尽管此球只有两个实际进球,但仍有悬念。这一定是迄今为止上海最纠缠的第一德比!顶端!最不好的!最悲惨的!

   When the Chinese Super League referee team sent off the Maning team to the game, they distributed the background song used in the Douyin video, which is Sun Yue’s wish for you to be safe. It's a bit funny and bitter. Due to the special competition system, the first two games of the second stage are too critical. Any referee's penalty will be infinitely magnified, not to mention that it is directly related to the penalty of a goal. And Ma Ning's famous work in the Super League must be the 15-year Shanghai Derby fined Shenhua to only 8 people against 11 people from SIPG. Before the game, Shenhua fans also used this as an excuse to protest against the Football Association's making Maning the main post.

当中国超级联赛裁判队派出Maning队参加比赛时,他们分发了斗音视频中使用的背景歌曲,这是Sun Yue希望您保持安全的愿望。这有点有趣和痛苦。由于特殊的比赛系统,第二阶段的前两场比赛非常关键。任何裁判的惩罚都会被无限放大,更不用说它与进球的惩罚直接相关。马宁在中超联赛中的著名作品亚搏手机版app一定是15年的上海德比对神华的罚款,对神华的罚款只有8人,而来自SIPG的11人被罚款。赛前,申花球迷还以此为借口,抗议足协将曼宁担任主要职务。

   So we must thank the 33 players of the two teams who devoted themselves to the game today. They made the referee's sense of existence greatly weakened. Even if they were deliberately finding fault, we must admit that although Ma Ning's referee team is very photogenic, they did not dominate the game. The game is dominated by the 33 players who worked hard to the last minute and the coaches of the two teams off the court. And looking at the full court penalty, there is no major problem. The referee team is perfectly integrated into this classic derby. Of course, the Chinese Super League will continue in full swing. Of course, Chinese football will continue to be played from generation to generation. Of course, fans will follow along without any complaints. We don’t talk about unrealistic goals, but we hope to see more of them like today Such a pure football game!


(Meng Wei)


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