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Goodbye, Bayi team. "The Bayi men's and women's basketball teams will no longer participate in the CBA League and WCBA League in the future."

再见,八一队。 “八一男女篮球队将来将不再参加CBA联赛和WCBA联赛。”

On the 20th, the CBA fans were waiting for a farewell after all-the Chinese Basketball Association issued an announcement: "On October 19, the Chinese Basketball Association received a letter from the Military Sports Training Center of the Training Management Department of the Central Military Commission. Withdraw from professional leagues. The Chinese Basketball Association has required relevant league management agencies to properly handle follow-up matters in accordance with regulations."

20日,CBA球迷在全中国篮球协会发布公告后等待告别:“ 10月19日,中国篮球协会收到了中央军训管理处军事体育训练中心的来信佣金。退出职业联赛。中国篮协要求有关的联赛管理机构按照规定妥善处理跟进事宜。”

Then the CBA company officially stated,


Once upon a time, "August 1st" represented the highest level of Chinese basketball-from the first league championship trophy in the first year of the CBA, to an unprecedented six consecutive championships, to the brilliant "eight crowns", the Bayi men's basketball team witnessed The step by step growth of Chinese professional basketball.

曾几何时,“ 8月1日”代表了中国篮球的最高水平-从CBA成立第一年的第一座联赛冠军奖杯,到前所未有的六连冠,再到八一男子篮球的辉煌“八冠”团队见证了中国职业篮球的逐步成长。


CBA Alliance issued a document.


Attentive fans can easily find that this time, when the Chinese Basketball Association officially announced that the Bayi Men's Basketball Team will no longer participate in the CBA League, the official announcement "heads up" read: The Chinese Basketball Association pays tribute to the Bayi Men's Basketball.


In the CBA career history of the past 25 years, only 6 teams have won the CBA championship, and among these 6 championship teams, only three can be called "dynasties"-and in these three In the dynasty, the unprecedented "six consecutive championships" created by the Bayi men's basketball team are comparable to the "ten crowns" of the Guangdong men's basketball team.


In that era, Wang Zhizhi's dreamy footsteps, Liu Yudong's stable CIC, Li Nan's 100 moves through Yang, Zhang Jinsong's steals and breakthroughs, Ah Dejiang and Fan Bin's butterfly through flowers and brilliant passes, almost made other teams in the league helpless.


Whether it is Guangdong Hongyuan, which has former national players Zhang Yongjun and Li Chunjiang, or the Liaoning men's basketball team of Wu Qinglong, Li Xiaoyong and Wu Naiqun, or the Shanghai men's basketball team whose "little giant" Yao Mingchu showed up, none of them can shake the Bayi men's basketball king status.



The dominance of the Bayi Men's Basketball Team was unshakable. The last year of the six consecutive championships has also been regarded by many fans as the most classic season in the history of the Bayi Men’s Basketball Championship-from the beginning of the season to the finals, on "Who is the first center of Wang Zhizhi and Yao Ming" The debate has never stopped, and in that round of the finals, 24-year-old Wang Zhizhi set an example to 21-year-old Yao Ming:


Wang Zhizhi averaged 27 points per game and went to the United States with the Bayi Men's Basketball Team for the "six consecutive championships", becoming the first Chinese in the NBA.


This is a sentence left by Yao Ming after many years, and it is actually a microcosm of the entire CBA league at that time. It is because of the strong Bayi men's basketball team that other teams have an example that can always catch up.


It can be said that Bayi Men's Basketball is one of the important driving forces for the continuous advancement of the entire professional league.



Zhang Jinsong, the "desperate Samro".

Zhang jin宋, 他和 "desperate Sam RO".

The achievements of the glorious history of Bayi Men's Basketball are not only the talents of generations of players, but also the fighting spirit that has been integrated into the blood of each generation of players.


In those years, the “horror” of Bayi Men’s Basketball Team was that regardless of whether the team was leading or lagging on the field, every player on the court maintained a competitive state of "every ball must be played", even if Bayi Men’s The basket "rarely" lost a ball, but every player's momentum on the court has never been defeated.


For so many years, among all the players wearing the "August 1st" jersey, Zhang Jinsong, who is called "Desperate Saburo" by the fans, is the most typical one.

这么多年来,在所有穿着“ 8月1日”球衣的球员中,被球迷称为“绝望三郎”的张劲松是最典型的球员。


Wang Zhizhi led the Bayi team to win the championship. In the 2006-2007 season, Zhang Jinsong was 33 years old. At the beginning of the season, the outside world was already discussing that this might be the last season of "Desperate Saburo". No one thought that in the first round of the playoffs, when the Bayi Men's Basketball Team played against Zhejiang Wanma, a collision between foreign aid Coleman and Zhang Jinsong caused a torn fracture of Zhang Jinsong's right hip.


"My back was like a fire at the time, and it hurt so much that my tears came down. I have never fallen like this in my life..." Zhang Jinsong recalled the injury afterwards and felt lingering fears.


At that time, the doctor gave a diagnosis result of "recovery for at least two months", and in this case, Zhang Jinsong said the sentence that moved many fans, "As long as I can run, I will play. Desperate opponents."

当时,医生给出的诊断结果是“至少恢复了两个月”,在这种情况下,张劲松说了一句话,打动了很多球迷,“只要我能跑步,我就会踢球。绝望的对手。 ”


"God of War" Liu Yudong. When the August 1st Men’s Basketball Team won the championship in 2003, Liu Yudong removed 10 broken bones from his knees. In Ah Tejiang’s words, “10 broken bones the size of soybeans were worn in his knees. It's all difficult. I always thought it was only two or three dollars, which is really incredible."


There is also "Little Li Fei Dao" Li Nan. His nose was knocked crooked, but due to the needs of the game and training, he did not undergo corrective surgery until he collided with Zhu Fangyu in a game and his "crooked nose" Instead, he was knocked back to his original position because of a blessing in disguise...


There are many stories like this in the history of the Bayi Men's Basketball Team, and each of these stories about persistence and hard work is the best footnote to the Bayi spirit.



ADI Jiang teaches Zhang Jinsong and Li Nan.

Adi Jiang teaches Zhang jin宋and Lin按.

Over the past 25 years, it is difficult to summarize the contribution of Bayi Men's Basketball Team to the entire professional league in a few words or a few simple stories. It can even be said that the Bayi men's basketball team is the Chinese men's basketball team.


When was the most glorious era of Chinese basketball? Many fans will definitely mention the "golden generation" in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The top eight of the Olympics tied the best record of the Chinese men's basketball team in the international arena.


The creator of this "best result" was the Chinese men's basketball team that participated in the 1994 Toronto Men's Basketball World Championships in China and the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games in the United States.


It was also in those years that the Bayi Men's Basketball team provided the Chinese men's basketball team with these players, leaving too many classic moments and stories on the court for fans to talk about.


In addition to the 19-year-old Wang Zhizhi who blocked Robinson in the face of the US men’s basketball team and beat Barkley under the basket, Liu Yudong’s jokes have also been passed down by fans to this day. At that time, an American scout watched Liu Yudong’s performance in the CBA League and the country. The team’s video, and then asked Yao Ming "Who is this young man?" Yao Ming's answer was, "He is no longer a young man, he is a veteran who is about to retire."



Li Nan later became the Chinese men's basketball coach.


It is the stimulation of this great glory that many young people are eager to enter the Bayi men's basketball team, strive to wear the national team jersey and stand on the world stage.


In the past few seasons, the Bayi Men’s Basketball Team has been struggling in the lower reaches of the league, but when Wang Zhizhi was standing on the sidelines as the head coach and Liu Yudong was sitting behind Wang Zhizhi as the team leader, the spirit of the Bayi men’s basketball team did not disappear:


Regardless of the fact that the team is behind by a big score or it rarely leads by a few times, in the last moments of the game, Wang Zhizhi is still actively directing the game, just as he said,



Wang Zhizhi encouraged the Bayi players.

Wang Z Hi之encouraged他和B阿姨players.

Indeed, Bayi Men's Basketball has withdrawn from the historical stage of the professional league, but those players who have experienced Bayi Men's Basketball training and baptism will not just fade out of the CBA League.


Li Nan is now the coach of Jiangsu Kendia. Wang Zhizhi has also received invitations from several teams and may continue to coach the CBA club. Several of the main players of the Bayi men's basketball team are also the "big fish" that each team hopes to win.


"The Bayi Men's Basketball Team has a long history. We are a successor, not a pioneer, nor a terminator." This is Wang Zhizhi's tone when asked more than a year ago about the "August 1 Men's Basketball Team withdrawing" news. A firm answer.

“八一男篮历史悠久。我们是继任者,不是开拓者,也不是终结者。”当一年多以前,关于“ 8月1日男子篮球队退出”新闻时,这是王志之的口吻。一个坚定的答案。

As Wang Zhizhi said, even if the Bayi Men’s Basketball Team leaves, the spirit of Bayi will not end.


The Bayi men's basketball team ended, and the spirit of Bayi lasts forever.


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