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The German team, yesterday, the friendly match, was tied again.


In the game last night, the German team led three times and was equalized by the Turkish brothers three times. In the end, the two teams drew 3-3. The German people and the Turkish people, like in real life, once again achieved national unity on the football field (laughs) . At this point, the German team's three games in the past month have been drew. After the game, Matteus once again sprayed Loew, pointing directly to Loew having replaced too many defensive players, and won the victory.


In the post-match summary, Mateus said to the camera: "Our victory once again paid tuition for Loew's tactical mistakes." Mateus believes that Loew's substitution defensive attributes, but this is indeed fact. In yesterday's game, Loew replaced Brandt with Stark and replaced Haverts with the inexperienced Amiri, both players with higher defensive attributes. In the previous games against Spain and Switzerland, he also replaced the front attackers prematurely and replaced the defensive players, and not only did not hold the victory, but also looked weak after being equalized.


However, Loew strongly said after the game: "We made it very clear before the game today: We will try our best to give all players the opportunity to play, like Rudiger, Draxler and other players after halftime. You can prepare to be replaced, because they will appear in the UEFA Europa League game on Saturday. And our bench lineup does not have many options on offense. In fact, we don’t have much choice except Luka Waldschmidt. Forward. We did have problems offensively because we only had defensive players on the bench."


Since it has been difficult to win a victory, there are more and more doubts about Love. Loew also made some self-criticism yesterday: "The result of this game annoyed us a lot. This last-minute equalization is really annoying. There have been many cases where we gave up the lead. We must think To solve this problem. I think fatigue is not our excuse or explanation. I think there are two main reasons. One is too easy to lose control of the game and too easy to lose the ball at the end of the game; the other is the defensive system before the penalty area. It's too loose, it's all one-on-one, there is no area defense, we must be more careful about this."


The German team will face Ukraine and Switzerland in the next five days. Due to record problems, the German team is currently under great pressure, but Loew believes this can also inspire the players to go all out to win the next two games.


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