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In the recent past, former England captain and Premier League legendary striker


In this season's Premier League, Derby County suffered a three-game losing streak at the start and was in poor form. And in the fourth game against Norwich,

在本赛季的英超联赛中,德比郡(Derby County)在开始时遭遇了三连败,而且状态不佳。在与诺里奇的第四场比赛中

Although Rooney, 34, is gradually entering the end of his career, his vision and skills at his feet are still the same. A moment like this lore Norwich has been staged more than once in Derbyshire.


"When we got the free kick, I looked at the position of Cruel (Norwich goalkeeper)." Rooney said in an interview. "Cruel's position is a bit off, I know if I kick the ball over the wall, I have a chance to score."

“当我们获得任意球时,我看着克鲁尔(诺里奇守门员)的位置。”鲁尼在接受采访时说。 “克鲁尔的位置有些偏离,我知道如果我将球踢到墙上,我就有机会得分。”

"After a difficult start to the season, this is an important goal. This is a huge victory for us. It brings some confidence to the team, which is exactly what we need. We did not perform well in the three games, so we have to regroup and find a way to get our first point."


"I don't practice free kicks every day, but I still practice often. The important thing is to always be prepared so that when the opportunity of the game comes, you have the best chance of scoring."


Rooney aspires to one day become a football coach, which is why he came to Derby County.


"I have always liked sitting on the sidelines and watching games. I have always tried to figure out how to gain an advantage in front of my opponents."


"Everyone on the coaching team sits together and we have our own ideas. All of us have to figure out whether the team has weaknesses, or whether the opponents have weaknesses to take advantage of."


"I am still a player, I enjoy this state very much, I hope this state can continue.


Usually, when a player is a coach, it often means that he has come to the end of his career.


"It's great to see so many young players perform so well," Rooney said. "Jason Knight was called to the Irish national team for the first time. This is what he deserves because he has a good attitude and works hard."

鲁尼说:“很高兴看到这么多年轻球员表现出色。” “杰森·奈特是第一次被召入爱尔兰国家队。这是他应得亚搏手机版app的,因为他态度良好,努力工作。”

"Since I came here, all the young players are outstanding. You can give them some advice, but you have to be careful not to put too much pressure on them, and don't give them too many opinions to play."


"As a young player, you need more energy and enthusiasm to be active on the court, and then you can slowly give them more responsibility, which helps them."


"For a young player, it's great to win the game. The hardest time is when the team does not perform well, you feel a little lost, so young players can learn how to deal with this situation. "


"The three-game losing streak at the beginning of the season will help them. It will help them learn how to face failure and how to recover from difficulties. After losing the game, the players have responded really well."


Even at the age of 34, Rooney's free kick against Norwich seemed to make people see him who was a fledgling ten years ago, and although he was young, he was not afraid of tigers.


"From our current situation, I think it's good for the team to stay in the forward position," Rooney said. "I know the changes I can bring from there."

鲁尼说:“从目前的情况来看,我认为对球队保持领先地位是有好处的。” “我知道可以从那里带来的变化。”

"I may not be able to play 90 minutes at my age, but I know I can control the ball, I can create opportunities in the penalty area and shoot. I have a lot of experience in this position."


No matter what position Rooney plays, Derby County and the English Champions League are lucky to have him. What do you say?


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