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亚搏手机版app:27+12!辽篮新星张镇麟爆红 杨鸣:希望他不要被“捧杀”
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亚搏手机版app:27+12!辽篮新星张镇麟爆红 杨鸣:希望他不要被“捧杀”

In his first career show, he contributed a double-double of 27 points and 12 rebounds. This report card is perfect for Zhang Zhenlin!


The new CBA season is just around the corner, and the Liaoning Bengang Men's Basketball Team also ended its two preseason warm-ups. Although the team's performance in the warm-up game still exposed many areas for improvement, they also gained a rising star like Zhang Zhenlin through a clear training intention.


In fact, the name Zhang Zhenlin is not unfamiliar to Liaoning fans and even many fans who follow Chinese basketball. As a star of hope who can be selected for the national team training camp before playing in a professional league, Zhang Zhenlin has long been a target for fans to chase and pay attention.


The highlights of the arena and the gliding split button is too amazing


In the game of Zhang Zhenlin’s first show, when half of the fourth quarter was left, he received a pass from the opponent on the left side of the three-point line, used a fake move to easily get rid of the defense and went directly to the basket. , Facing the defensive player who came to block the cover, jumped up and performed a powerful cut!

在张振林的第一场比赛中,剩下第四节的一半时,他在三分线左侧的对手处获得了传球,使用假动作轻松摆脱了防守,直接上场到篮子里。 ,面对前来挡住掩护的防守球员,他跳了起来,进行了一次大力进攻!

Although this attack unfortunately failed to score a dunk, Zhang Zhenlin's one-stop offensive action made the fans couldn't help but exclaim. After all, in the CBA arena, not many people can play like this.


Of course, in the first show of this career, Zhang Zhenlin did not only rely on this highly ornamental slash to attract attention, but fully demonstrated his talent and talent on the basketball court. Whether it is an easy blow from the three-point line to the opponent's assist and a backhand, or the outside line is facing a defensive press while still using a retreat step to make a high-difficulty shot, or after committing suicide and hitting the basket alone Leaning on the defender's light throws, these rich scoring methods all show his exceptionally soft touch.


In several counterattacks, fast breaks, or mid-air cuts to the basket in a positional battle, as long as he receives the ball close to the rim, you can see him easily jump and stage a dunk full of violent aesthetics. These dunks also made people intuitively feel his excellent physical fitness.


He has both fine technical skills and strong physical fitness. This is an important guarantee for Zhang Zhenlin as a CBA "rookie" who can quickly adapt to the rhythm of the game and play his own technical characteristics.


Jiangmen Huzi was born in a basketball family in Liaoning


Zhang Zhenlin is a young man born and raised in Shenyang. It can be said that he was born into a basketball family in the standard sense. In fact, a large part of his fame comes from his mother Wang Fang. Wang Fang, the current deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Sports Bureau, is a professional basketball player, and has achieved very high achievements both in her player era and in her early coaching career after retirement.


As a player, Wang Fang was not only the absolute main force of the Liaoning Women’s Basketball and the Chinese Women’s Basketball Team, but also helped the Chinese Women’s Basketball Team as an absolute main force and the team’s main scorer in the 1992 Olympic Games and the 1994 Women’s Basketball World Championship. Won the runner-up twice in a row, creating the best result ever achieved in the Chinese Basketball World Championships. After Wang Fang retired, he also led the Liaoning Women's Basketball Team to the league championship as the head coach. With these achievements, Wang Fang was selected as one of the "New China Basketball Top 50" in 1999. This honor can be said to be the highest honor of Chinese basketball players so far. Zhang Zhenlin mentioned more than once that her mother's achievements in basketball have always made herself look up to him, "She shoots better than me, and I can't beat her."

作为一名球员,王芳不仅是辽宁女篮和中国女篮的绝对主力军,而且还帮助中国女篮成为了绝对的主力军,并且在1992年奥运会和2000年奥运会上都是球队的主要得分手。 1994年世界女子篮球锦标赛。连续两次获得亚军,创造了中国篮球世锦赛有史以来最好的成绩。王芳退休后,他还带领辽宁女篮担任总教练,获得联赛冠军。凭借这些成就,王芳于1999年入选“新中国篮球50强”之一。这一荣誉可以说是迄今为止中国篮球运动员的最高荣誉。张振林不止一次提到她母亲在篮球方面的成就总是使自己仰望他:“她的​​投篮比我好,我打不了她。”

In addition to his mother, Zhang Zhenlin's father Zhang Yan and uncle Wang Junyi were also players in the Liaoning men's basketball team. Under the influence of such a family, Zhang Zhenlin became acquainted with basketball at a very young age and received formal basketball training under the leadership of his parents, laying a solid foundation for his future career in professional basketball.


Go overseas and won the national high school championship


Born into a basketball family and qualified to receive professional training for the Liaoning men's basketball team early, Zhang Zhenlin has actually carved a deep "Liaoning basket brand" since he was young. But compared with other teammates of similar age, he has taken a completely different path.


After laying a solid foundation in basketball in his youth, Zhang Zhenlin decided to leave China at the age of 14 and go to the United States, the center of basketball in the world. Zhang Zhenlin recalled his own thoughts at that time, thinking that the initial motivation was "to be curious about the outside world." He is eager to feel a stronger basketball atmosphere there and to be exposed to more professional basketball training.


For this purpose, the young Zhang Zhenlin came to the other side of the ocean alone, studying while practicing. He experienced a very difficult time, but with his own hard work, he finally came to the end of his hard work and finally made it to the high school team step by step. Stand firm.


In 2017, the 18-year-old Zhang Zhenlin followed the team to the National High School Basketball Championship and won the championship all the way to the end. This made him the first Chinese player in history to win the National High School Basketball Championship. It also made him The name passed back to China and received more and more attention.


Switched to a career and finally put on the Liao basket shirt


In 2018, after graduating from high school, Zhang Zhenlin chose to join Tulane University and continued to pursue his basketball dream on the NCAA arena. Although Tulane University is not a famous team in the college league, it has given Zhang Zhenlin enough opportunities to play and allowed him to accumulate a lot of game experience.


However, at the beginning of this year, due to the new crown epidemic, the NCAA league had to be suspended. Zhang Zhenlin also decided to temporarily suspend his studies and return to the country to play in the professional arena. The team he joined is naturally the hometown team Liao basketball.


In fact, in the past few years, Zhang Zhenlin will train with the Liaoning basketball team when he returns to China from vacation every summer, and has also played several warm-up games on behalf of the Liaoning basketball team. Since then, Liaoning fans have been looking forward to Zhang Zhenlin one day can truly put on the shirt of the Liaoning basketball team. After all, in these years, the Liao basketball team has been relatively weak in the striker position, which has inspired the fans' desire for Zhang Zhenlin. Of course, the Liao basketball team itself also very much hopes that Zhang Zhenlin can join the team as soon as possible to inject new vitality into the Liao basketball team.


It’s worth mentioning that Zhang Zhenlin originally wanted the number 12. He once said


Zhang Zhenlin: Strive to defend well in the new season


As the opening game of the new season is approaching, Zhang Zhenlin accepted an interview with our reporter and talked about his goals and positioning for the new season.


Reporter: The new season is about to begin. The fans are now very concerned about your performance. Are you ready?


Zhang Zhenlin: First of all, thank the fans for their support. I will do my best to help the team win as many games as possible in the new season.


Reporter: Everyone is curious about what position you will play on the court. From the point of view of the game, is it mainly the 4 position?


Zhang Zhenlin: Because Li Xiaoxu was injured this year, I may have more time to take his place and play the 4th position. But from my point of view, both the 4th and the 3rd positions can be played, but the specifics still depend on how the coaching staff arranges, and more depends on the opposing team.


Reporter: As a newcomer to the team, do you still get used to it in training?


Zhang Zhenlin: Generally, during training, the old players will give us young players a lot of reminders. They will kindly remind us and help us with things we don’t understand and do wrong. I also hope that we can grow up as soon as possible and take their classes.


Reporter: What kind of help do you think you will bring to the team in the new season?


Zhang Zhenlin: I think it's better to defend first. This year we have added a lot of young players like me, and strive to defend well first.


Reporter: Have you set a goal for your first season?


Zhang Zhenlin: Actually, I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself in the first year, so I didn't set myself too high a goal. I just wanted to do my best to help the team.


Yang Ming: I hope he will not be "touted and killed"


Despite Zhang Zhenlin's first appearance and has successfully attracted widespread attention, in the view of Liao basketball coach Yang Ming, what is needed most at this time is to help him "cool down."


Reporter: What is your comment on Zhang Zhenlin?


Yang Ming: Zhang Zhenlin is a highly talented player with excellent physical conditions and very hard training. His arrival will bring help to the Liaoning team, but how much help needs to be tested by the league.


Reporter: The outside world has very high expectations for him. What height do you think he can reach?


Yang Ming: For so many years, many young players have been sought after by the outside world. Sometimes you deal with it well and you can make rapid progress, but if you don't deal with it well, it is easy to be "favored." So all the time, I have been "pouring cold water" on him, helping him cool down, and letting him do his job well.


Reporter: What are your requirements for his role on the court?


Yang Ming: I often remind him to stay calm. After all, CBA and the American College League are two different things. Don't forget that he is just a young player. After he comes on the field, he must do his own job first, and do a good job in defense, rebounding, impact, etc. before he can gain a foothold on the court.


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