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Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


Knowing the ball is grandly launching the Football Hall of Fame, every Tuesday night at 10 o'clock, wonderful presentation. "I am a coach 3.0" will simultaneously launch Hall of Fame player cards for coaches to recruit!

每个星期二晚上10点,知道这个球都会隆重推出足球名人堂,这真是棒极了。 “我是教练3.0”将同时推出名人堂球员卡,供教练招募!

Speaking of Henry, most fans may first recall the classic lines in "World Football";


Recalling the touching scene of the 32-year-old Henry sitting on the bench at the Emirates Stadium and looking back affectionately;


Recalling the smashing through the thorns when wearing the red gunner's shirt, the long-distance raids and passionate celebration time and time again when facing powerful enemies;


Recalling the grief after losing the Champions League on rainy night in Paris;


Recalling the French Summer in 1998, the young face hiding behind his friend Trezeguet, afraid to look directly at the penalty kick.


Accompanied by the moving music, we moved the clock forward for another twenty years and returned to the Highbury Stadium again. Let our youth accompany this young man from France to grow together again.


We are eager to let time slow down a bit, so that these classic and timeless images can stay in our minds longer.


Any Arsenal fan who comes outside the Emirates Stadium will not miss a photo with Henry's "Sliding Kneeling Celebration" statue.


On December 10, 2011, in order to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the club, Arsenal forever left the most classic pictures of the best players in the history of the team outside the home court.


During his two games for Arsenal, Henry left 377 games for the Gunners and 228 goals. The glory he brought to Arsenal's century-old club has never been able to replicate. After him, many players who were hailed as successors failed to truly become the legend of the club like him.


Whenever people lament that today's Arsenal is deteriorating, a generation is inferior to a generation, and even the Champions League qualifications are hard to reach, they always recall the glorious years of Henry and Bergkamp.


Regarding Henry's classic shots, everyone has their own deep impression. The flying fairy against Manchester United, the single-handedly against Liverpool, Real Madrid and Inter Milan, and the magical heel break against Charlton...


But the celebration method represented by this statue outside the Emirates Stadium and the goal that occurred at Highbury Stadium not far behind it are the classics.


Henry at this time, although he experienced the trough of the 2002 World Cup in the national team, he was in full swing in the club. In the previous season, Henry not only led the Gunners to regain the league championship, but also won the Golden Boot with 24 goals. This is the first time among the four Premier League Golden Boots of his professional life.


Only 14 minutes into the game, Henry unloaded the high-altitude ball from the backcourt and began to rush into the game. He used his excellent dribbling to throw away the two Tottenham midfielders Esselington and Redknapp Jr. Behind him, there were only three panicked guards in front of him, swaying to the left and right following Henry's steps.


Speeding to halftime, roaring passionately, leaning over and kneeling, the classics are always "cast".


Such a classic scene made the British media very addicted to the British media. The Guardian wrote after the game: "Although this ball is not as good as Maradona's unreasonable dribbling to destroy the England defense in 1986, the ball classic, But this trip to Longtan is also the epitome of speed, skill and judgment. Arsenal believe that Henry can bring these qualities to the next UEFA Champions League."


The Guardian makes a lot of sense.


Many years later, Henry and Redknapp both became Sky Sports commentators. In a recording, Manchester United star Gary Neville ridiculed Ray, who had not kept up with Henry's rhythm at all.


Originally to discuss the problem of the defense of the midfielder, Neville made a sudden change and cut out Henry's classic goal, and pointed out that Xiao Lei should help his teammates and quickly return to defense.


Henry was already smiling from ear to ear.


"I was born a competitor." This is Henry's description of himself.


When he walks on the court, he will score goals and win at all costs. He is born with the heart to chase victory. All of this must first be attributed to his father Antoine Henry.

当他在球场上行走时,他将进球并不惜一切代价获胜。他天生追求胜利。所有这些首先必须归功于他的父亲安托万·亨利(Antoine Henry)。

On August 17, 1977, Henry was born in Les Ulis, a small town on the outskirts of Paris. This is a working-class settlement and relatively poor. However, the development of urbanization also allows children here to have access to football. The condition of the facility.

1977年8月17日,亨利(Henry)出生于巴黎郊区的小镇莱斯乌利斯(Les Ulis)。这是工人阶级的定居点,相对较差。但是,城市化的发展也使这里的儿童有踢足球的机会。设施的状况。

His father Antoine was an avid fan. When Henry was born, Henry had already "planned" his life path.


"He said that he was in the hospital, holding me in his arms and speaking to other relatives. He didn't even say that I was a premature baby or that I looked good or not. I looked like him or didn't look like my mother, but Say,'Listen, this kid will be a great player in the future'." Henry once recalled this in an interview.


One day, Catalano, a Monaco scout, went to watch Henry's game. Henry did not let him down. The performance of six dollars in the single school made Catalano believe that Henry was the person he was looking for.


However, before officially joining Monaco, young Henry also needs to receive more professional training at the famous French Clayfontein base. Here, he met Trezeguet, Anelka, Saha, Gala and other future French internationals. They played together, lived together, grew up together, and pursued their football dreams together.


Former France international, Luendula, who played for Paris Saint-Germain, has been teammates for the New York Red Bulls and Henry for two years, and they have actually known each other as early as the Clayfontein youth training.

前法国国脚卢恩杜拉(Luendula)为巴黎圣日耳曼队(Paris Saint-Germain)效力,已经成为纽约红牛队和亨利队的队友两年了,实际上他们早在克雷方丹青年训练队就已经相互认识。

Luendula revealed that they were training with the French U21 national team at the Clayfontaine base. Once, they were fortunate to spend one night in the "castle" dormitory of the French adult national team.


Maybe it was too excited. Henry, who lives next door, asked Luyndura to play "Football" together. They used the same team to participate in the "World Cup" match, but lost in the semi-finals, and this It was already 1 o'clock in the morning.


However, Henry did not let Lundura go. They played until 5 am until they won.


This trait that he showed when he was young was also accompanied by Henry's entire career. Whether facing his own trough or a strong competitor, he has never been timid. Such a spirit of reluctance to admit defeat supported him all the way and became one of the greatest forwards in history, winning almost all trophies and conquering all opponents.


The young Henry reached the top of the world in the game. He must have dreamed that one day he could personally lift the Hercules Cup, but he might not have expected it to be so fast.


There were about 60 young players who entered Clarefontaine with Henry at the time, and there are only a handful of players who can become top stars in the future. Here, although Henry's talent has been demonstrated, he has not been strongly recommended by the youth coach.


Andre Merel was one of Clairefontaine's coaches. He was very impressed with Henry, who did not perform well at the beginning. "He was very smart, but he was one of the few people who didn't perform well at the beginning. Then it changed and he became more diligent. I remember his parents were divorced when he first came, but his father always came. Watching his training and competitions has a great influence on him."

安德烈·梅雷尔(Andre Merel)是克莱尔方丹(Clairefontaine)的教练之一。亨利(Henry)表现不佳,给他留下了深刻的印象。 “他很聪明,但是他是一开始表现不佳的少数人之一。然后情况发生了变化,他变得更加勤奋。我记得他的父母刚来时就离婚了,但父亲总是来了。观看他的训练和​​比赛对他有很大的影响。”

As a winger, Henry officially opened the professional football road at the end of August 1994, and soon showed his excellence. However, only 17 days after Henry's debut, Wenger dismissed get out of class because of his poor record. However, Henry's extremely fast speed and clever mind have allowed him to repeatedly gain success in the league and European wars. He has not stopped moving forward.


In 4 years, 105 Ligue 1 games, 20 goals; 1996 Ligue 1 best rookie; 1996-1997 season Ligue 1 champion, 1997-1998 season Champions League semi-finals. Honors followed, Henry attracted the attention of many giants including Real Madrid, Arsenal, Juventus, and even initialed a contract with Real Madrid.

4年内,法甲105场1场,进20球; 1996年Ligue 1名最佳新秀; 1996-1997赛季Ligue 1冠军,1997-1998赛季欧洲冠军联赛半决赛。紧随其后的是荣誉,亨利吸引了包括皇马,阿森纳,尤文图斯在内的许多巨头的注意,甚至与皇马签定了合同。

He and his friend and partner Trezeguet were also selected for the French youth team, won the European Youth Championship, and participated in the 1997 World Youth Championship.


In the star-studded French team, the young Henry looked very sophisticated. Three goals were the key to the penalty shootout. He helped the team reach the final and finally won the cup. He also became the best in the team. Good shooter.


This was a match against Saudi Arabia in the group stage. In the 77th minute, Henry received a pass from goalkeeper Bartez. He took advantage of the opponent's stop and made a mistake. The stride Meteor made a single shot and easily pushed the shot. He used his best way to play. Scored his third goal in the World Cup.


But at Juventus, Henry could not shake Inzaghi’s main position in the center. Whether it was Lippi or Ancelotti, he could only be placed at the left forward position, which greatly reduced Henry’s threat to the opponent’s goal. He also needs to participate in defense from time to time.


In 1999, Wenger has been in charge of Arsenal for three years. He has gradually built the once rough Gunner into a team based on ground pass and control, gorgeous style, tough defense, and efficient counterattacks, leading the team to take In the 1997-1998 season of the Premier League and the FA Cup champions, in the English arena and Ferguson's Manchester United took turns to dominate.


That summer, Arsenal head striker Anelka moved to Real Madrid, Wenger needed to find a replacement.


After Juventus' setbacks, Henry, who has just arrived, is actually not confident. Wenger once recalled such a scene: "Once, Henry came to me and said to me,'Coach, I won't score a goal.' I just replied, don't worry about so much, just try!"


Wenger said that this incident made him unforgettable.


It is under such care that Henry still gets a lot of opportunities to play and gradually adapts to the rhythm of the Premier League. Since scoring the first Premier League goal with a long shot against Southamp, Henry began his conquest. By the end of the 1999-2000 season, Henry had scored 26 goals for Arsenal. Those who criticized him had already shut their mouths.


In the next five seasons, Henry scored more than 30 goals for the Gunners in a row, won the Premier League Golden Boot four times, and became the first player to win the European Golden Boot for two consecutive years.


What's more awesome is that Henry can not only score goals, but also pass the ball. He is not only a shooter, and the number of assists and goals scored is "20+" for Henry.

更棒的是,亨利不仅可以进球,而且可以传球。他不仅是一名射手,而且亨利的助攻次数和进球数都是“ 20+”。

Such horrible data made Henry the first Premier League player to win three individual awards in a single season (official Premier League season best, player union of the year, journalists association of the year). Henry is also the first person to win the Player of the Year award from the Players Union for two consecutive years. After him, only Ronaldo has done it so far.

如此可怕的数据使亨利成为首个在单个赛季中获得三项个人奖项的英超联赛球员(官方英超赛季最佳,年度球员工会,年度新闻工作者协会)。亨利(Henry)也是连续两年获得球员联盟(Players Union)年度最佳球员奖的第一人。在他之后,到目前为止只有罗纳尔多做到了。

On a personal level, Henry has almost achieved the ultimate, except for consecutive runner-ups in 2003 and 2004, this may be Henry's biggest regret so far.


Wenger once recalled: “We all know that Henry’s goal will come sooner or later even if it is 0-1 or even 0-2 behind. We are very confident about this and everyone is looking forward to him. Bring the team back to life."


Years later, whenever Carragher was asked who was the best player he played against, his answer was always Henry.


In the history of England and France, there was the reign of King "Henry I". The British media borrowed this name to help Thierry Henry "ascend the throne" at Highbury.


Henry, who came to Barcelona, ​​is already a world-class star. The 30,000 spectators at the scene witnessed his joining, which was even more exciting than Ronaldinho’s joining ceremony. Messi later recalled that when Henry joined the team, he did not dare to look at him directly because he admired Henry very much.


After Ronaldinho left, Henry, Messi and Eto'o formed a new trident, and they worked closely together to write another generation of red and blue dynasties.


In Barcelona's third year, Guardiola promoted Pedro to the top, Henry's position in Barcelona seemed a bit awkward, and the number of appearances was greatly reduced. In the summer of 2010, Henry left for the United States and joined the New York Red Bull.


In the American League, Henry, as the New York Red Bull's top card, has repeatedly encountered the Los Angeles Galaxy led by Beckham, and the two cherished each other, reminiscing about the days when they stunned the Premier League.


During his four years at Red Bull in New York, Henry also had a profound influence on American football. He used his superstar halo to promote the development of the sport on this continent and also helped the team get the routine in 2013. The champion of the game. In 122 games, 51 goals were scored, and there were many such good scenes as barbs and corner kicks.


At the end of 2014, Henry announced his decision to retire shortly after the end of cooperation with the New York Red Bull.


Let's pass the generation of "Tap King".

让我们通过“ Tap King”的产生。

As the greatest player in Arsenal history, Henry and Arsenal's story never ends, whether he is in Barcelona or New York Red Bull.


At the end of March 2010, Henry followed Barcelona to the Emirates Stadium, a place he was most familiar with. Henry has faded out of Barcelona's main lineup at this time, Messi, Pedro and Ibrahimovic are Barcelona's regular starters.


Everything is familiar, and everything is strange.


"The 32-year-old Henry is sitting there, looking affectionately at his 22-year-old shadow." The most classic copy of football in the world comes from the picture of this game.

“ 32岁的亨利坐在那里,亲切地看着他22岁的影子。”世界上最经典的足球副本来自此游戏的图片。

(Photo) After the game, Arsenal fans continued to applaud Henry for a long time. They kept calling Henry's name, as if those glorious times were yesterday


Two years later, Henry was already a member of the New York Red Bulls. At this time, the Arsenal fans did not expect that one day, he would really come back.


No matter how beautiful fairy tales are in the world, they can't describe the moving after a long-distance reunion.


In the winter of 2011, taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in the club's 125th anniversary and the statue unveiling ceremony, Henry returned to London. In order to maintain the state during the intermission period of the American League, Henry trained with Arsenal. At this time, both the British media and British fans expressed their desire to see Henry put on the Gunners shirt again.


At this time, Arsenal happened to be due to Gervinho and Chamak participating in the African Cup. The strikers were in short supply and needed a striker to supplement the team. Everything happened like this. A two-month short-term contract continued the legendary story.


January 9, 2012, an unforgettable day for all Arsenal fans. Henry appeared on the bench at the Emirates Stadium in a Gunners coat.


This was the third round of the FA Cup where Arsenal played against Leeds at home. In the 67th minute, the score was still 0-0, but there were loud cheers from the sidelines.


Ten minutes later, Alexander Song accurately found Henry, who was seeking a forward penetration. The latter broke into the penalty area and faced the goalkeeper and shot the far corner...

十分钟后,亚历山大·宋(Alexander Song)准确地找到了寻求向前突破的亨利。后者闯入禁区,面对门将射门。

He was the same boy before, without a trace of change.


Time seemed to stand still at this moment, and the tsunami-like cheers of the Emirates Stadium mixed with choking voices spread across the world through television.


Henry ran towards Wenger, even he himself couldn't believe it, all this was like a dream.


Beckham once again applauded in the stands. He smiled and shook his head, perhaps also wondering if he still had a chance to wear the Red Devils shirt again, just like Henry, let his youth fly again.


On February 4th, Henry scored the final goal in the Premier League 7-1 victory over Blackburn. After 1827 days, he scored again for Arsenal in the Premier League.

2月4日,亨利在英超7-1击败布莱克本的比赛中攻入了最终进球。 1827天后,他在英超联赛中再次为阿森纳进球。

On February 3, 2007, Henry helped Arsenal in a 1-1 draw with Middlesbrough on the road, and then missed the entire season due to injury. It was the last time Henry scored in the No. 14 shirt.


Since then, Henry received an assist from Arshavin to kill his opponent in the game against Sunderland, helping Arsenal to win difficultly, setting his team's historical scoring record at 228 goals.


"Ronaldinho is a special player, but technically speaking, Henry may be the most talented player in this beautiful sport of football." It is not the player who can praise Zidane. Many, national teammate Henry is one of them.


Although Henry is 1.88 meters tall, he is not a typical high center forward. Because of his childhood street football training and his later experience as a winger in Monaco and Juventus, he created good skills at his feet. The handling of the ball in fast running is very reasonable, and his ability to combine the ball with man is no less than Ronaldo.


Henry had an extraordinary speed when he was young. He could easily leave his opponent behind him. However, when he was not well-known, Henry liked to "rally" and didn't play smart.


"When I was young, I was crazy. I liked dribbling when I got the ball. I ran all over the court and focused on the ball. Of course, I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it, but because I was young, I rushed when I got the ball. Get up. But then I found out that after running for a long time, the game only lasted for 20 minutes, and there were still 70 minutes. I was going to finish..."


"He told me not to think about the wrong questions. For example, if you and I are teammates, but you didn't see my running position or pass the ball to me, I would ask myself,'Why didn't he see me, Why doesn't he pass it to me?'"


“I’m discussing more of your problems. Wenger told me not to think like this, but to think about what I can do so that you can see me. I should not complain, but say that I must find a way to make you become better."


Speed ​​is not the only characteristic of Henry. Clever kicking is his most powerful weapon. We all know that he is good at long-distance attacks, but his comprehensive ability is the real reason that makes it difficult for opponents to prevent. Apart from headers, I can't think of any other shortcomings of Henry. Left foot, right foot, long shot, pick shot, free kick, penalty kick... as long as he uses his foot, there is nothing he can't do well.


(Picture) This volley against Manchester United was an eye-opener for the British. Football can still play like this.


In an interview with domestic media, Sun Jihai said that the person he admired most was Henry, "I have never seen such a fast forward."


"I faced quite a few famous forwards in the Premier League. He is definitely the best. Defending him is difficult. He has all the advantages that a forward should have. Playing against him, I feel like a car playing against him. A heavy truck is competing."


Pain for the defender, but also for the forward to appreciate. Henry's peak years attracted the attention of many children who were determined to engage in football. Gleezmann, Mbappé and others from France, of course, needless to say, stars like Lewand, Hazard, Lukaku, and Lingard also grew up watching Henry play football, and there are many of them. I once expressed my love for Henry and often imitated Henry's actions.


Dong Fangzhuo, who has played for Manchester United, said in an interview with "Football Night", "Henry has good physical fitness, fast speed, and good skills. Most defenders like Henry's physical and capable players will have a headache when they see it. "

效力于曼联的董方卓在接受《足球之夜》采访时说:“亨利身体素质高,速度快,技能高。像亨利那样身体强壮的球员,大多数后卫在看到时都会头疼。 “

After retiring, Henry became a commentator for Sky Sports. He first returned to Arsenal after getting the coaching certificate, as the coach of the U15 and U18 teams to train young strikers for the Gunners. Since then, Henry followed Roberto Martinez to the Belgian national team, as an assistant coach, and participated in the 2018 World Cup, helping Belgium to get third place.

退休后,亨利成为天空体育的评论员。在获得教练证书后,他首先返回阿森纳,担任U15和U18球队的教练,为枪手队训练年轻的前锋。此后,亨利跟随罗伯托·马丁内斯(Roberto Martinez)进入比利时国家队,担任助理教练,并参加了2018年世界杯足球赛,帮助比利时获得第三名。

After the World Cup, Monaco once invited Henry to be the head coach, but due to too many injuries in the team, Henry failed to lead the team out of the quagmire.


Today, Henry continues his coaching career as the coach of the American League Montreal Impact team. He also hopes that one day he can return to Arsenal, where the dream started.


1994-1999 Monaco: 139 games, 28 goals


1999 Juventus: 20 games, 3 goals


1999-2007, 2012 Arsenal: 375 games, 228 goals


2007-2010 Barcelona: 121 games, 49 goals


2010-2014 New York Red Bull: 135 games, 52 goals


French national team: 123 games, 51 goals


Ligue 1 championship: 1996-1997 season


French Super Cup champion: 1997


World Cup champion: 1998


European Cup champion: 2000


Confederations Cup Champion: 2003


Premier League Championship: 01-02 season, 03-04 season


FA Cup champion: 01-02 season, 02-03 season, 03-04 season


Community Shield Cup Champion: 2002, 2004


Champions League Championship: 08-09 season


La Liga Championship: 08-09 season, 09-10 season


Copa del Rey winner: 08-09 season


Spanish Super Cup winner: 2009


European Super Cup Champion: 2009


Club World Cup champion: 2009


American League of Legends regular season championship: 2013


Ligue 1 Rookie of the Year: 1996-97 season

Ligue 1年度最佳新人:1996-97赛季

Premier League's top scorer: 01-02 season, 03-04 season, 04-05 season, 05-06 season


European Golden Boot: 03-04 season, 04-05 season


Confederations Cup Golden Globe Award: 2003


World footballer runner-up: 2003, 2004


European Golden Globes runner-up: 2003;


Top scorer in Arsenal team history: 228 goals


Top scorer of the French national team: 51 goals


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