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Having just finished the annual physical examination of the unit, Mr. DT (ID: DTcaijing) took a deep breath and checked the physical examination report without any strain.


It suddenly went dark in front of me, the more I thought about it, the more I felt that I was running out of time, and the 10086th time in my mind I had the urge to make a will. After thinking about it, there is no money anyway, so social resources will not be wasted. Forget it, let's continue writing.


After 90, opening the medical examination report is like a lottery. The fewer words, the happier. But unfortunately, things backfired. According to the "2018 Shanghai White-collar Health Index Report" released by Shanghai Foreign Service and "Popular Medicine", the abnormal rate of Shanghai white-collar medical examinations in 2017 was as high as 97.08%.

90后,打开体检报告就像彩票一样。单词越少越快乐。但不幸的是,事与愿违。根据上海市外办和《大众医学》发布的《 2018年上海市白领健康指数报告》,2017年上海白领体检异常率高达97.08%。

A hot search at the end of August is


Behind the life of the post-90s Buddhism is not a complete disregard of life and death, but a deep lack of confidence in their own health, but a sigh of powerlessness.


Mr. DT will use the data to cut in to reveal the current living conditions of young people.


From the moment the physical examination report became the pathology encyclopedia, the healthy life of young people went downhill. This is why young people are unwilling and afraid to receive medical reports.


Are respectively


Mapped to life, these abnormalities are related to bad habits in daily life. He Jie works for a famous advertising company in Shanghai. Overtime, disordered work and rest, and irregular meals are already his daily routine. I was too busy to go to work and didn't eat. I bought some fried noodles at the subway entrance on the way home at night. I was too tired to move on weekends (and maybe the fear of being dominated by Party A)-the result was an annual lottery physical examination.


"At first I felt nothing, even if the physical examination results were abnormal, I felt okay. After all, it has no impact on daily life. Basically, forbearance passed." He Jie said. He Jie is not alone. There are not a few company people who have been in a sub-health state for a long time like him.


This has directly led to the annual increase in the abnormal rate of physical examination.


The physical condition is getting worse, do young people know?


Know, and very clear.


According to the "2019 National Health Insight Report" (hereinafter referred to as) released by Dr. Ding Xiang,

根据丁翔博士发布的《 2019年国民健康洞察报告》(以下简称)

Although not many young people are suffering from bone disease, three high diseases, but the unhealthy living conditions are enough for the post-80s and post-90s. It can be seen in the "Report" that hair loss, poor gastrointestinal conditions, poor skin condition, and gynecological problems are common problems for young people. It’s also worth noting that


Li Yue is a new media editor. He has not written a few articles for 100,000+, but the common problems of the post-90s generation account for almost all of them. She said: "When I first entered the industry, I stayed up all night to write articles. I wanted to choose a topic and thought about my hair falling crazily, but I really couldn't write 10w+. I was really desperate at the time, crying every night, and I went to psychological counseling." When asked if she had ever thought about changing careers, she replied, "No line is easy, what should I do? Boost."

李悦是新媒体编辑。他还没有写过几本超过100,000篇的文章,但是90年代后代的常见问题几乎全部解决了。她说:“当我刚进入这个行业时,我整夜熬夜写文章。我想选择一个话题,想着我的头发发疯,但是我真的不能写10w +。当时我真的很绝望每天晚上哭泣,我去了心理咨询。”当被问及是否考虑过改变职业时,她回答说:“没有界限容易,我该怎么办?提振。”

I know my own body best. The post-80s and post-90s are actually much more sensible than imagined. This is why they can gain a foothold in the cruel society.

我最了解自己的身体。 80年代后和90年代后实际上比想象的要明智得多。这就是为什么他们可以在残酷的社会中立足。

In addition, we also found an interesting phenomenon in the "Report":


Under such a social background, the current situation where young people work hard at the expense of health and then enjoy life.


This is not the whole story.


Burning youth in exchange for (limited) money, eating meat and drinking alcohol to get the only sensory pleasures in life, but young people are also very spared.


According to CBNData to consume big data,


In addition to these daily household instruments, Zhou Yao also occasionally goes to massage parlors to do Chinese physiotherapy and massage. As a data analyst, Zhou Yao needs to face the computer every day at work. Being sedentary and having no time to exercise makes her have to allocate a monthly expenditure to relieve back pain. She told Mr. DT: "In the beginning, the masseur gave me the pain. She said that I had lumps in my waist, lumps in my shoulders and neck, and hard arm muscles. She could tell at a glance that I work in the office every day, and often play cell phone."


Physical discomfort gradually became unbearable. In addition to spending money to see a doctor honestly, young people also set their sights on insurance.


Driven by demand, some health-related Internet insurance products have also begun to appear, such as mutual insurance. Zhou Yao and her construction engineer husband have both insured each other for no other reason-"Now that your health is getting worse and the working environment is dictating, it's time to take out critical illness insurance."


On Zhihu, the topic "I think critical illness insurance is very bad, why are there so many people buying it?" with the highest search rate for critical illness insurance has been viewed by more than 4 million.


Compared with going to Putuoshan Guanyinxiang before offering incense, opening Alipay to buy a mutual treasure, even the energy of walking up the mountain is saved. After all, between “eating three meals a day and maintaining a good exercise frequency” and “no matter what, spend money to eliminate disasters”, young people usually have no brains to choose the latter-otherwise, why so many people do Kaguyun Fitness What?

与献香前去普陀山观音巷,开通支付宝购买互助宝相比,甚至节省了走山的精力。毕竟,在“每天吃三顿饭并保持良好的运动频率”和“无论如何,花钱消除灾难”之间,年轻人通常没有大脑去选择后者,否则,为什么有那么多人这样做Kaguyun Fitness什么?

The data in the "Report" also verified our guess.


The bad habits in life have not been improved. In the "2018 Shanghai White Collar Health Index Report",

生活中的不良习惯没有得到改善。在《 2018年上海白领健康指数报告》中,

In fact, as a member of the stay-up army, Mr. DT also understands the truth, and it is not what we want to develop bad habits. Some friends often complain to Mr. DT in tears: "Stay up late is not a force of life, especially for writers like us, who often only get inspiration late at night. How much work can really be done from 9 to 5 without overtime? , Life is so hard, do you want to deprive me of the right to drink happy water and eat fried chicken?"


If white-collar workers stay up late is still based on the pressure of survival, then the post-95s post-95s who are mainly students stay up late mainly on the waywardness of youth.


Adhering to Ah Q's spirit of "As long as I don't have a critical illness notice, I will still be healthy".


There are also posts on the Internet to help you summarize the punk health regimen of young people today:


But I still have to say:


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