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The day before the Nerazzurri’s first game of the new season, the CEO of Club Sports

Nerazzurri在新赛季的第一场比赛的前一天,Club Sports的首席执行官

"The new season that is about to start is a very different season: because of the schedule, the last game of last season ended only a few weeks ago, and everything was affected by the epidemic. So we must fight for all those who are fighting the epidemic. Pay tribute to the medical staff, with their firm professionalism to make such a difficult situation better. This crisis has a major impact on our family and career. Football can be a beacon of hope, and we hope Inter Milan can continue to be happy Pass it on to all the fans."


"The mission of the club is to use the resources at its disposal to make the team have the strongest possible lineup. The epidemic has had a great impact on us, including financial issues. We have conducted serious discussions on financial issues, and we must be very Face this situation carefully. It is foreseeable that European clubs will not spend too much money to introduce players. We are operating very carefully and are also seizing the opportunity to consolidate and strengthen our lineup. Next There will be no major moves. It is difficult for the management and the chairman to maintain a balance of payments. Behind the same expenditure, we are facing a situation where revenue is decreasing."


"Last season was an unparalleled season, thanks to Conte. We know his abilities and the most important thing for us is the working environment he created. Conte is very attentive to his work and this will be rewarded. Yes. Last season we have made all-round progress. Conte has built a reliable team: the team has a stronger cohesion, everyone wants to give all for Inter Milan, and we all hope that through the infrastructure of the club Come to help him improve the team. We recently discovered that Conte is personally inspecting the turf situation of the Suning Sports Training Center, which proves his determination and love for Inter Milan. Our goal is exactly what a club like Inter Milan should have. The goal-to rank in the top four of the league and break into the Champions League, we will also go all out in the Champions League and the Coppa Italia. We have had an excellent season and now we have to move on."


"Conte has always proved that he is trustworthy. He is very dedicated, takes everything seriously, and has very firm values. Inter Milan also proved that the team will take every job seriously. If there is a dispute in the work The source of controversy is also to improve the team. This situation is likely to happen again. This is proof of our close cooperation with each other and our desire to grow. Such tension is common in games. Conte and I The fifth year of cooperation is about to begin. Our goal has always been to bring a positive response. If there is no tension, people will relax. You need to activate adrenaline to make everything competitive. Everyone must work together To help Inter Milan make progress."


"At the beginning of last season, the team needed to implement some plans and some basic management methods. These are also the measures we immediately brought. This year things have changed and many aspects have been improved. The team has no significant problems. The facts Indeed, we are not in the same situation as last year. We have a strong team that can accept some changes before the transfer window: there may be transfer needs, and we are dealing with many events at the same time."


"The biggest difference this season is the tightness of the schedule. In addition, we can still have two additional substitutions. In such a season, unforeseen circumstances and injuries are inevitable. I think the substitutes will be better than before. Play a more important role."


"As we said before, this is a historic moment of crisis. Global revenues are declining, which will inevitably affect clubs and the league. The top management hopes to achieve financial commitments in teams and clubs. Provide support. Suning Group has made many important investments in the past few years, and they will continue to do so."


"We are discussing an epidemic that has not been fully contained. We see that the number of confirmed cases in many European countries is still rising. Of course, it is very strange to play games in empty courts. Football needs fans, and fans need football. But this It’s not something we can decide. We need to deal with these issues more maturely and responsibly."


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