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Hello everyone, and welcome to today's morning paper.


Yesterday, the Premier League officially announced that it had completed the fifth round of testing for 20 clubs and found a confirmed case of new crown. Later, Tottenham officially announced that this person was from Tottenham. Out of confidentiality, the club refused to disclose the identity and name of this person. There are less than two weeks before the Premier League semi-finals, and I don't know what impact this will have on the semi-finals. The ball is up, please rematch on time~


On June 3, Beijing time, the Premier League completed the fifth round of new crown testing. The results showed that one person in the Tottenham club was infected and will be quarantined for 7 days. At present, it is still unclear whether the infected person is a player or a staff member.


In Barcelona training on June 3, Messi trained alone. The club stated that this is at the request of the coaching staff and Messi has no physical problems. However, according to Catalan TV, Messi is feeling unwell in his adductors and he will undergo further examination.


La Liga will be rematched shortly, and the Spaniard's game will be held at 7 pm on June 13th, Beijing time, against Alaves. "Marca" predicted the Spanish starting lineup for the first round of the rematch.

西甲将很快复赛,西班牙人的比赛将在北京时间6月13日晚上7点举行,对阵阿拉维斯。 “马卡”预测西班牙在首轮比赛中的首发阵容。

"Torino Sport" reported that Ronaldo has always been diligent and conscientious, and has not relaxed in all training. Yesterday afternoon local time, Ronaldo started training more than 4 hours earlier than the team's prescribed training time.


According to the "Daily Sport", Paris Saint-Germain's current asking price for Neymar has reached 175 million euros, and Barcelona believes that if PSG is unwilling to accept player exchanges, then this transfer is unrealistic.


According to the "World Sports Daily" report, Barcelona winger Dembele is willing to join Juventus, the two clubs may discuss the loan of players.


Three days ago, Saul made a voice on social media that he would announce the name of a new club, and in the end he confirmed that this club is a club he created and dedicated to youth training.


A report from the British "Telegraph" claimed that the focus match between Manchester City and Arsenal after the restart of the Premier League has been determined to be scheduled at 20:00 local time (Wednesday) on June 17th (Beijing time on June 18th) 3 o'clock in the morning).


On the evening of June 3, Beijing time, Brazilian forward Pato, who had played in the Super League, posted three Weibo in a row. The "returning" he kindly greeted his Chinese fans and said that he missed everyone very much.


Recently, Yan Kanxiang, a senior high school football player from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, tried to train in Kunlu, Yunnan. In an interview, Yan Kanxiang said that he would work harder and dream of playing in the national football team to win glory for the country.


On June 3, Beijing time, domestic media PP Sports reported that the top 40 of the World Preliminaries is likely to reignite on October 8. The national football team will face life and death battles with the Philippines and Syria in November.


After retiring, former Luneng player Wang Qiang returned to his hometown of Dalian High-tech Zone Central Primary School to start youth training. Recently, Wang Qiang accepted an interview with the "Beijing News". He said that he had rejected the invitation of Luneng Club.


Recently, the former Spaniard coach Pablo Machin was interviewed. He said that if he knew he could not coach until the winter window, he would not come to the Spaniard.

最近,前西班牙籍教练巴勃罗·马钦(Pablo Machin)接受了采访。他说,如果他知道直到冬天的窗户都不能执教,他就不会来西班牙人。

Recently, Real Sociedad goalkeeper Alex Remiro was interviewed. He stated that the first goalkeeper today is Ter Stegen and the second is Oblak.


Recently, according to Turkish media Yeni Asir, Taliska issued a statement about his future career. He said that he likes life in China very much and he does not consider leaving here if he does not fulfill his contract.

据土耳其媒体Yeni Asir称,最近塔利斯卡发表了一份关于他未来职业的声明。他说,他非常喜欢中国的生活,如果不履行合同,就不会考虑离开这里。

In an interview recently, Cannavaro talked about his plans for his future coaching career. He said that he hopes to coach in Europe in the future, but now he wants to improve himself in China. Evergrande is one of the best clubs in Asia.


Carragher bluntly said in an interview that Arsenal is not worthy of Aubameyang, just like Liverpool are not worthy of Suarez.


In a recent Costa Rica League match, a sharp-eyed netizen discovered that Alagerance’s Costa Rica international Jonathan McDonald “changed his name” and became the “Burger King”.

在最近的哥斯达黎加联赛中,一位敏锐的网民发现阿拉格朗斯的哥斯达黎加国脚乔纳森·麦当劳(Jonathan McDonald)“改名”并成为“汉堡王”。

A few days ago, Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo posted pictures of his two daughters on personal social media, and said that every time he sees them, he is like falling in love.

几天前,尤文图斯球星克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在个人社交媒体上发布了他的两个女儿的照片,并说每次看到他们,他就像坠入爱河。

According to "The Sun" report, Manchester United legend Neville is preparing to rent a luxurious three-bedroom apartment, and the monthly rent has reached a staggering £25,000.


Yesterday, Manchester City star Aguero drew Wu Lei's player card in the FIFA live broadcast and told the story between them. In fact, as early as 2018, Aguero praised Wu Lei on social media.


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