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The biggest news in the MMA world this summer is the signing of Michael Chandler with UFC. Chandler is a three-time former Bellator lightweight champion and is widely regarded as the last piece of the puzzle missing from the UFC lightweight.

今年夏天,MMA世界上最大的新闻是Michael Chandler与UFC的签约。钱德勒(Chandler)是前Bellator轻量级选手的三届冠军,被广泛认为是UFC轻量级缺少的难题的最后一部分。

After coming to the UFC, Chandler was immediately entrusted with a heavy responsibility. He will be the alternate player for the UFC 254 in the lightweight championship of Khabib Numangomodov VS Justin Gage, in case there are any of them. Anyone who is unexpectedly unable to compete. But this is only UFC's backup plan for UFC254. Strictly speaking, Chandler's UFC debut opponent is still not finalized.

来到UFC之后,钱德勒立即被赋予了沉重的责任。如果有任何轻量级冠军哈比卜·努曼哥莫多夫VS贾斯汀·盖奇,他将成为UFC 254的替补球员。意外无法参加比赛的任何人。但这只是UFC对UFC254的备份计划。严格来说,钱德勒的UFC首秀对手仍未敲定。

Although Chandler has long been famous, he is still a newcomer to the UFC. He now needs to get a foothold in the octagonal cage by defeating a gold-rich opponent. For Chandler, who is 34 years old this year, if he wants to achieve something in the UFC, obviously there is not much time to waste. Although he is a candidate for UFC254, it is said that UFC is preparing to arrange a certain opponent for him, so that even if he did not play as a candidate that night, he can have a game of his own in UFC254.


Dan Hawker, who is currently ranked No. 4 in the UFC lightweight class, sees this opportunity. He was unanimously defeated in the duel with Dustin Poirier in June this year, but the super quality of that game helped him stay in the competition for the championship challenge. In a recent interview, Hawker expressed that he is very willing to be Chandler's first opponent in the octagonal cage, and he is ready to play in a short-term preparation.

目前在UFC轻量化类中排名第四的Dan​​ Hawker看到了这个机会。他在今年6月与达斯汀·普里耶尔(Dustin Poirier)的决斗中被一致击败,但那场比赛的出色品质帮助他留在了争夺冠军挑战赛的比赛中。在最近的一次采访中,霍克表示,他非常愿意成为钱德勒在八角形笼子中的第一个对手,并且他已经准备好进行短期准备。

"It's hard to know how much effort the UFC is willing to put in to promote a player who has just come from another fighting organization, but judging from the fact that he immediately became a candidate for the championship, it is obvious that the UFC has done a lot on him. A bet. Therefore, I am willing to be the one who greets this guy in the octagonal cage, and I will beat him back to the B league."


"Of course I am willing to take this game. If Sean Selby (the UFC organizer) calls me now, I will accept it immediately, no matter when and where."

“我当然愿意参加这场比赛。如果UFC组织者Sean Selby现在打电话给我,无论何时何地,我都会立即接受。”

Hawker’s head coach Eugene Balmain had previously stated that due to the severe blow to the head in the previous match against Poirier, Hawker may have difficulty catching up with UFC254 at the end of October, even The opponent is Tony Ferguson. However, Hawker himself said a few days ago that he is ready to return to the arena, and through a victory to wash away the haze of the previous loss to Poirier, even if the opponent is not Chandler.


"I will definitely fight again before the end of this year. This is something I have decided. I have gone through a very good recovery period, and now I have returned to the boxing gym, training very hard, and ready to debut. So in November or December, my schedule is very open and we will finalize a great game."


"The number one opponent in my mind is of course Ferguson. This is the game I want most, because everything this guy has done before is so great, I am very willing to compete with him. Chandler is mine The second choice, UFC made him a candidate for the championship when he just signed, which shows that UFC values ​​him very much, so I defeated such an opponent. The third person is Charles Oliveira, I heard that he posted a video calling me Zhen, but unfortunately I don’t understand Portuguese. I hope he can tell me face to face so that we can play a game. Ferguson, Chandler, Oliveira, they Any one of them is an opponent I am interested in, so let's see who can get this opportunity first."

“在我看来,排名第一的对手当然是弗格森。这是我最想要的比赛,因为这个家伙之前所做的一切都非常出色,我非常愿意与他竞争。钱德勒是我的第二选择,UFC做了他刚刚签约时就获得了冠军候选人,这表明UFC非常重视他,所以我击败了这样的对手。第三人是查尔斯·奥利维拉(Charles Oliveira),听说他发布了一个视频,称我为甄,但不幸的是我我不懂葡萄牙语,我希望他能当面告诉我,让我们可以玩游戏。弗格森,钱德勒,奥利维拉他们当中的任何一个都是我感兴趣的对手,所以让我们看看谁能获得这个机会第一。”

No one commented, but quiet


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