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   At 15:30 on October 17th, Beijing time, Shandong Luneng Taishan played against Beijing Zhonghe Guoan in the second stage of the Chinese Super League championship. Beijing TV broadcasted the game live, commentator Wei Yidong and guest Wang Changqing commented on the game together. The two commentators said that Bakambu’s big heart played a role, and he was the number one hero in this game; if it weren't for Wang Dalei, it would be Guoan who won the game.


   Talking about the handball given to Bakambu in the first half——


Wei Yidong: Fellaini hit Bacambu’s arm, Bacambu also used to balance his movements. He didn’t even see the ball. It’s very difficult for you to avoid the ball at such a close distance. Besides, Bakambu still turned his back.


   Wang Changqing: This is an obvious ball player.


   Talk about Pellet's penalty kick, Luneng leads Guoan 1-0——


   Wei Yidong: Hou Sen has judged the right direction, and he almost shot the ball with his palm.


  Wang Changqing: It's okay, except for this unexpected handball, everyone played very well.




   Wei Yidong: In the case of Guoan occupying the advantage on the field, Luneng used a set kick to break Guoan’s goal again by counter-robbing. It doesn't matter this is not a 90-minute game, everyone must concentrate and have enough time later.


   Wang Changqing: Luneng's successful frontcourt steal.

   Wang Chang青: l u能说successful frontcourt steal.

   Summarizing the first half of the game——


Wei Yidong: Judging from the score, it was not a pleasant first half, but the content of the 45-minute game is still confident. We have absolute control over the ball and control the absolute opportunity, except for Wang Dalei’s excellent performance. In addition to several good opportunities for Guoan, we have room for improvement on the offensive end, and the 0 to 2 score does not have to worry about.


  Wang Changqing: Luneng poses almost no threat to us in the positional battle. Except for the unexpected handball and steal counterattack, which poses a threat to us, the rest is the Guoan leading game. Don't lose your confidence. There are two knockout games and we have time.


  Talk about Bakambu's penalty kick


   Wei Yudong: Under the tremendous pressure of 0 to 2 and the cruel background of the knockout round, Bakambu hit an upper corner. Without a strong mentality, it is impossible to play such an angle. At this time, Bakambu's big heart is really useful.


   Talking about Bakambu scored twice, Guoan equalized the score 2-2——


   Wei Yudong: I was actually scored a header by Bakambu. Bakambu's height is 1.82 meters. The height of the opponent's two central defenders is much higher than Bakambu.


  Wang Changqing: Bakambu is very smart with this ball.




   Wei Yidong: Wang Dalei's performance is indeed worthy of applause. In all fairness, if it were not for Wang Dalei, Guoan should win.


  Summing up the whole game——


Wei Yidong: An exciting, exciting and suspenseful match between Beijing and Lu Ning ended in a draw. Bacambu scored two dollars. Although this 2 to 2 was only a draw, it was the second consecutive game for Guoan in the match against Luneng. In the case of 0 to 2 behind, the game to return the score, this hero is undoubtedly Bacambu.

魏一东:北京和卢宁之间一场激动人心,令人兴奋和悬念的比赛以平局告终。 Bacambu得了两美元。尽管这场2比2只是平局,但这是国安队在对阵鲁能的比赛中连续第二场比赛。在0比2落后的情况下,比赛要返回比分,这个英雄无疑是巴坎布。

  Wang Changqing: The most worried thing is that there will be ups and downs in the second phase of Guoan, but everyone is still very excited, and the overall continuity of the 90-minute period is very good, and the fluctuations are not as big as the first phase.


  Talking about Guoan's 0 to 2 backward recovery——


  Wang Changqing: This is a match between the strongest spear and the strongest shield in the second stage of the Super League. I am still very satisfied with Guoan's performance, especially after falling behind 0 to 2, not mentally collapsed, and the desire to regain each player's performance is perfect. As long as your style of play is normal, there will be surprises, but you will definitely receive the results we want.


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