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亚搏手机版-朴柱奉称桃田已经完全恢复 未参加丹麦赛事出有因
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   From the outstanding results achieved in recent years, looking at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics next year, there is no doubt that the Japanese national badminton team is the focus of the light.


Immediately after the All England Badminton Open in March, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) suspended the next tournament calendar until last week's Super 750 Denmark Open. During this 7 months, all teams have been Put in close and detailed training to ensure that you are fully prepared.


   So, under such a general premise, when Japanese players return to the game, can they continue to be proud of the game?


   Oh, and what's the status of the world's single brother Momota Kento? Especially after his accident in Malaysia earlier this year?


   Park Joo Bong, head coach of the Japanese national badminton team, recently answered the above questions in an online interview on the official website of the World Badminton Federation.

日本国家羽毛球队总教练朴周邦(Park Joo Bong)最近在世界羽毛球联合会官方网站上接受在线采访时回答了上述问题。

   55-year-old Park Joo-bong is a famous badminton player in South Korea. From the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, he was recognized as a doubles prodigy in the badminton world.

现年55岁的朴周邦(Park Joo-bong)是韩国著名的羽毛球运动员。从1980年代中期到1990年代中期,他被认为是羽毛球界的双打神童。

  Q: During the blockade, how does your team deal with it?


   Answer: After the All England game, our team's training also stopped. We plan to start training in June. However, professional teams and clubs have expressed that they are worried about the risks of players training together.




   We tried hard, July if it didn't work in June, and August if it didn't work in July, but these three attempts were also forced to stop.


   At that time, the number of confirmed diagnoses in Tokyo was extremely high. We also tried to arrange intensive training outside Tokyo, but the players were worried about the journey from Tokyo to that place.


Therefore, our national team started to concentrate on training in September. At the beginning, we were very worried and very cautious. However, after September, the results were positive. Therefore, we realized that this national team training is the safest and most suitable. The players also experienced this, so there was no more worries, and no players filed complaints during this period.


This time the national team training is to prepare for the Tangyu Cup and the Danish Open; the national team coach has not seen the players for a long time, so in August, we arranged for the national team coaches to train the national team players in every club. In a few days, I also took the opportunity to meet with them.


  Q: Do the players have training before September?


   Answer: The players are all training in their respective clubs. Before August, the national team coaches used mobile phones or video recording programs to point the national team players.




The club has done a good job. They started training after the All England game in March. Although every club operates differently, they start training in May or June at the latest. Even if the club’s training is a bit late, the players will They train on their own, and the real training of the national team starts in September.


   I visited every club in August. From my observation, the level of players is the same as before.


  Q: When training resumes, can the players regain their previous intensity?


   Answer: We spent a lot of time observing at the beginning. The first two days were free practice, and men and women were separated. Because we can't concentrate all the players in one stadium, we have to separate the numbers.


   In fact, we did not expect the Tangyu Cup and the subsequent Danish Open to be postponed, so the training at the time was aimed at this goal.


Before starting the training camp, we contacted every club and talked to their head coaches. Of course, due to the lack of a game for too long, the willpower also declined, but this only happened during the club training. When returning to the national team training, the players’ Willpower is back.




  Q: Talk about Kento Momota, has he fully recovered? Has it returned to its original level?


   Answer: I think he has returned to his original level. The national team coach and I have also visited his club to observe him several times. His training has been carried out very well.


   He is almost certain that he will participate in this Danish Open. In fact, the other players who have registered before are the same. We will start targeted training for the Danish Open from October 1st.


   However, a few days before the start of the game, the number of confirmed cases in Denmark increased, so the club owner asked the players not to go to the game.


At that time, we had already arranged the hotel, air tickets, etc., but things changed at the last minute. 6 players decided to participate, so this time our team has 6 players, 4 coaches and 1 physical therapist. .

那时,我们已经安排了旅馆,机票等,但是事情在最后一刻亚搏手机版发生了变化。 6名球员决定参加,所以这次我们的团队有6名球员,4名教练和1名物理治疗师。 。

   (Badminton World Federation official website)


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