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La Liga is going to "rematch" this weekend, I didn't lie to you.


The famous Spanish e-sports anchor Iby Lanos recently organized Seville’s Reggieron and Betis’s Borja to play an online FIFA 20 Seville derby, and it caused a very good response. . His proposal for an online La Liga match has already received registrations from all 20 La Liga teams. The stars of each team will represent the home team in a showdown and complete the La Liga "rematch" from the perspective of the game.

西班牙著名的电子竞技主播Iby Lanos最近组织了塞维利亚的Reggieron和贝蒂斯的Borja玩在线FIFA 20塞维利亚德比大赛,这引起了很好的反响。 。他提出的参加西甲在线比赛的建议已获得西甲所有20支球队的报名。每个团队的明星将在对决中代表主队并从比赛的角度完成西甲的“重赛”。

Speaking of football games, I think of my friend Lao Mao’s WeChat message when he was extremely bored some time ago: “After ten years, I still miss Mourinho’s classic moment of leading Inter Milan to win the Champions League. It’s not because of me. It's an Inter Milan fan, but because at the same time, I won the championship in a live football game organized by the school. Using Mourinho's tactics, I defeated the extremely powerful Barcelona in that version."


Lao Mao’s story is very universal. Back then, football, games, and girlfriends were the most important things for many college boys in addition to studying (and probably still). Many of these lifestyle habits have continued after they set up a family, and football and games have also become The best life adjustment. At present, due to well-known reasons, sports competitions in all countries are basically suspended, especially the suspension of high-level European football matches, so that we have lost important daily entertainment and adjusted lifestyle products. Fortunately, we still have games.


So the question is, why is the game addictive? What can we experience in the game? Especially in football games, what can we get? Three questions with soul, let's see where is the "fragrance" of the game?


FIFA OL’s kick-off star card is the most exciting moment. It can be called the most exciting time to play this game. Although I haven't learned about this game in depth, I can really feel their joy through live broadcast and video programs. Because this kind of joy is the same as when we spent the night in Internet cafes brushing out the best equipment, opening black team battles to destroy the opponents at the last moment, and leading the Chinese team to win the World Cup in the game.

FIFA OL的开球之星卡是最激动人心的时刻。可以将其称为玩此游戏的最激动人心的时刻。尽管我还没有深入了解这款游戏,但我可以通过直播和视频节目真正感受到他们的快乐。因为这种喜悦与我们在网吧过夜以刷出最好的设备,在最后一刻展开黑队战斗以消灭对手,并带领中国队赢得比赛中的喜悦一样。

In fact, there is no essential difference between the mental pressure generated when playing games and the mental pressure generated when working. Both produce adrenaline, which makes the brain produce an incentive mechanism and makes the body more focused and engaged. But the difference is that games can make many people addicted to work, but not work. The main reason is nothing more than the following points. The first is the reward mechanism of the game. When the game progresses to a certain fixed time or progress, there will be corresponding rewards to make the game easier or cooler, such as a higher-level weapon, Characters or various skins, unblocked new stars. But most real jobs do not have these characteristics.


The second is that the difficulty of the game can be adjusted. The content of high-quality games is based on the plot, the level of use, and the level of opponents. It is rare to challenge the devil in the novice village and the novice bronze in the first battle against the king. However, in reality, everyone will not be given corresponding questions based on their personal level. For example, in reality, the Chinese team cannot meet the weakened Brazil team that is equivalent to their own strength. It is impossible for our life to grow and upgrade in a simple copy. On the contrary, in reality, the situation is just the opposite. The lower our level, the higher the possibility of difficult problems, leading to the possibility of complete failure at the beginning of the work.


Therefore, playing games can be very tiring, but it can really bring excitement that work and study do not have. The ability to adjust life is self-evident, and our love to play games can also be explained.


We are all ordinary people, and it is difficult for us to have unforgettable drama in our lives. It is nothing more than the troubles of growing up, the ignorance of youth, and the hard work of work. There is a high probability that we will not have the opportunity to take a gun on the battlefield to defend our country. No It may be possible to drive a sailboat to discover the new world, and it is even more impossible to eliminate monsters in the magical world and embrace the beauty, but we can experience this feeling in the game.


Brother Lei is a high-end game player and a military enthusiast. The game allows him to achieve a perfect match between these two big hobbies. The game satisfies his desire for certain experiences in reality and keeps his sense of freshness at all times. "The recoil of the AK-47 is very obvious in the game, and it looks very real. I can experiment with the guns I saw in the magazine in the game. I wonder if you can experience this novelty?" He was excited. He told the author about the scene when he played CS for the first time in an Internet cafe. The freshness brought to him by the game comes from a high degree of simulation of real scenes that he cannot experience personally. Of course, such examples are not only found in gunfighting games. Lei Ge also mentioned the classic game "Horse and Blade", which uses medieval combat as a simulation object. In this game, he can feel the freshness of running horses, The thrill of the rain of arrows hitting the shield, "If it weren't for riding and cutting, we modern people can't feel the impact of riding a long spear sprinting against a shield. Maybe the development of VR technology can make this feeling more real."

雷弟兄是高端游戏玩家和军事爱好者。游戏使他能够在这两个大爱好之间达到完美的匹配。游戏满足了他对现实中某些体验的渴望,并始终保持他的新鲜感。 “ AK-47的后座力在游戏中非常明显,而且看起来非常真实。我可以尝试在游戏中在杂志上看到的枪支。我想知道您是否可以体验到这种新颖性?”他很兴奋。当他第一次在网吧玩CS时,他向作者介绍了现场。游戏给他带来的新鲜感来自对他自己无法亲身体验的真实场景的高度仿真。当然,不仅在枪战游戏中可以找到这样的例子。雷戈还提到了经典游戏“马与刀”,该游戏将中世纪战斗作为模拟对象。在这个游戏中,他可以感觉到奔马的新鲜感,箭雨的刺痛击中了盾牌,“如果不是为了骑马和割草,我们现代人将不会感受到骑马长矛冲刺的影响虚拟现实技术的发展可能会使这种感觉更加真实。”

When it comes to the sense of substitution of the game, the author himself has a great say. Because of my love of history, I am very fond of Microsoft’s ace game "Age of Empires". Because of my age, I have not been able to catch up with the glorious real-time strategy game era of Empire 2, but I have indirectly experienced it in Empire 3. The history between the age of navigation and the American Civil War. Although it may be different from history, in the game I did use Napoleon’s tactics in history-first bombardment with artillery, cavalry on both sides of the flanks, infantry follow-up and win many times; also practiced Mahan’s theory of sea power "The idea of ​​"It has been realized in a map with a large sea area that the weak wins the strong. As the game restores the reality as much as possible, I intuitively feel the sense of historical substitution.


In fact, everyone can feel the immersive experience, but Lei Ge’s story is more representative. As time goes by, the young man who practiced "blind sniper" in Internet cafes gradually grows up. He has more detailed details and more detailed scenes. Find the feeling of yesteryear in a realistic, better rendered shooting game. "The tragic landing of Normandy in World War II may be felt in movies and previous games. Now the scenes in "Call of Duty 14" have better effects. It really feels like being on the scene all the way. In reality, crossing the road is more careful than in the past.” Lei Ge added: “World War II is actually a very strange world for us. The immersive experience here reminds me of my first time in "World of Warcraft" Riding a griffon flying in the air, I feel that I truly perceive another world."

实际上,每个人都可以感受到身临其境的体验,但是雷戈的故事更具代表性。随着时间的流逝,在网吧里练习“盲人狙击手”的年轻人逐渐长大。他具有更详细的细节和更详细的场景。在逼真的,更好渲染的射击游戏中找到昔日的感觉。 “在电影和以前的游戏中可能会感觉到诺曼底在第二次世界大战中的悲惨降落。现在,《使命召唤14》中的场景有更好的效果。这确实感觉像一直在现场。实际上,越过道路比过去更加谨慎。”雷戈补充说:“第二次世界大战对我们来说实际上是一个非常陌生的世界。这里的身临其境的经历使我想起了我第一次在《魔兽世界》中骑着飞来飞去的狮riff,我感到自己真正地意识到了另一个世界。 ”

Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles, in this era, in fact, an excellent game can also make you feel more.


During the special period of epidemic prevention and control, there is no football game to watch and no way to go out to play football. Playing football games seems to have become a very important football-related activity. La Liga stars playing the game "rematch" is an excellent attempt. Due to my current job, the number of times I play FIFA is very limited, but when I was in college, I liked live football and football manager. I fully understand how much happiness a fan can get in football games, how much football theory he has practiced, and how much football cognition has been improved. .

在流行病防控的特殊时期,没有足球比赛可供观看,也没有出门踢足球的途径。踢足球似乎已经成为与足球相关的重要活动。西甲巨星在玩游戏“复赛”是一个极好的尝试。由于目前的工作,我参加FIFA的次数非常有限,但是当我上大学时,我喜欢现场足球和足球经理。我完全理解球迷在足球比赛中能获得多少快乐,他实践了多少足球理论以及提高了多少足球认知度。 。

Football games can bring great psychological satisfaction to fans and create a feeling of realizing their dreams. Most of the fans did not have the opportunity to play professional football, and even some did not participate in many organized football matches in their school days. The author is fortunate to have this experience in my school days, and I mentioned that Lao Mao once was on the school court side by side. After fighting for many years, every video call always talks about the rain and the strong enemy, and the students will not leave the scene of cheering us. People who like football have a yearning for victory and championships, and they also have the desire to enjoy the cheers of the fans. The more and more refined football games have brought us this kind of psychological satisfaction. We also experience this on the way to the championship. It is an experience similar to the realization of dreams.


Football games can also reflect the fans' understanding of football. From the perspective of personal playing, the green legendary mode that has appeared in live football since PES 2009 is very interesting. It starts with the creation of a new player, and can only control this player, simulate the career process of a football player, and gradually grow from a rookie. For the superstar. This actually tests a fan’s understanding of football, how to read the game, how to move reasonably, how to handle the ball is more reasonable... Although the experience here is not completely equivalent to real football, but we can in this mode Looking at my understanding of football from a different perspective, my sense of position and placement rate through the game really improved.

足球比赛也可以反映球迷对足球的理解。从个人比赛的角度来看,自PES 2009以来,实况足球中出现的绿色传奇模式非常有趣。它从创建新球员开始,并亚搏手机版且只能控制该球员,模拟足球运动员的职业生涯并逐渐从新秀成长。对于超级巨星。这实际上测试了球迷对足球的理解,如何阅读比赛,如何合理地移动,如何处理球更合理……虽然这里的体验并不完全等同于真正的足球,但是我们可以在这种模式下从不同的角度对足球的了解,我在比赛中的位置感和位置感确实得到了改善。

Compared with the legend of the green, the more traditional battle mode in the game can reflect the fans' understanding of the overall tactics, and even reflect the personality traits of a person. There are two winning factors in football games. The first is the familiarity with the game operation, and the second is the selection and arrangement of skills and tactics based on the characteristics of the team players. After all, game masters are rare. Under the condition that everyone has the same level of operation, the ability to understand competition skills and tactics becomes the key to victory. To be honest, the author's level at the time was generally only to imitate the lineup and basic styles seen in the game in the game, without thinking about it, and copying the lineup and technical and tactical characteristics of Spain in the 2008 European Cup. Many students; as the number of times watching the stadium increases, their thinking in the game gradually increases, and the lineup is more personal. Especially in the Master League mode, the team obviously has a strong personal brand. It may have something to do with my own midfielder play. I pay special attention to the organization and defense of the midfield. The constructed team is generally good at defensive and counterattacks. While Lao Mao played mostly wingers and wing forwards, he obviously liked wingers like Walcott and Hazard back then. Another teammate, A Guang, who played as a forward, paid great attention to offensive and highly respected Bielsa. My lineup against three forwards is a regular operation. In order to rush to win the game at the last moment, he even tried five forwards.


In fact, after playing football games for a long time, you can get very interesting life experience. For example, in the Masters League or the football manager, we always have the desire to pursue perfection when we build the lineup. We can’t wait for the front line to gather Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, and Neymar from now on, but in fact this perfect state is difficult to achieve, even you The hoarding "little monsters" in the team also failed to meet growth expectations. We can't imitate the stories of the galaxy of the Galaxy Warships and the youth growth of Class 92, and the final victory does not rely on the so-called fantasy lineup. It is a more reasonable and scientific combination of personnel. Just like our life, we are pursuing the so-called perfection all our life, but we find that the most suitable is the best.

实际上,长时间玩足球游戏后,您可以获得非常有趣的生活经历。例如,在大师联赛或足球经理中,我们总是渴望在建立阵容时追求完美。我们迫不及待地希望从现在开始聚集克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo),梅西(Mess)和内马尔(Neymar),但实际上,这种理想状态很难实现,即使您,团队中ing积的“小怪兽”也未能达到增长预期。我们不能模仿银河战舰星系和92级青年成长的故事,而最终的胜利并不依赖于所谓的幻想阵容。这是人员的更合理和科学的组合。就像我们的生活一样,我们一生都在追求所谓的完美,但是我们发现最合适的就是最好的。

Games are a very common way of entertainment and stress reduction in our age, and even a very promising industry. It is naturally wrong to regard it as a "flood beast", but we still have to have a degree when we play games. After all, youth cannot be wasted. Teenagers do not learn, think, or perceive the world, and they cannot play games in depth. A deeper perception can not be played at a high level.


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