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As we all know, football is now the world's largest sport. The reason why football can become the world's largest sport is because of its unique charm. Some people fall in love with football because they like a team, and some people fall in love with football because they like a player. It can be said that football will always have a reason for you to fall in love with him. In recent years, there have been some people who are very peculiar. They fell in love with football not because of a team or because of a player, but because of a coach, and this coach is Mourinho, known as the magic bird.


This world-famous coach does have his unique charm. He has achieved unprecedented success in the Portuguese Premier League, Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga. Among them, Real Madrid in La Liga, Chelsea in the Premier League and Inter Milan in Serie A have won very prominent Achievement. Of course, it’s not a big deal to lead a wealthy team. Mourinho is liked by everyone because of his bohemian character. He is paranoid and arrogant. He is always so different. Therefore, his strong personal charm has made him a lot. Fans.


There are countless fans of Mourinho in China, including some of our local coaches. Among them, the most typical and fanatical is the guidance of Zhu Jiongzhu. He has always described himself as "Chinese Mourinho", and he once said: "Football is like a war. As a commander, if there is no personality, the appeal is not enough. In terms of skills and tactics, in terms of business, I dare to say that I am basically mature. Of course, there is still room for improvement.” Therefore, Zhu Jiong's team generally has distinctive characteristics, and can often show strong confidence and mental power against strong teams.


The most typical is his performance when coaching Shanghai Shenxin in the Super League, playing many classic games. Especially in the face of a team like Guangzhou Evergrande, the superpower of the Chinese Super League, he has never been conservative, and he has played against each other every time, and he can get good results in the end. In addition, Zhu Jiong's actions on the sidelines are also very crazy. In the 2014 season, Zhu Jiong was banned from entering the Chinese Super League bench for 4 games and was fined 20,000 yuan for raising the middle finger in the 21st round of the Chinese Super League match against Beijing Guoan. In addition, in the match against Guangzhou Evergrande during the season, they shut up and pointed directly at Guangzhou Evergrande coach Lippi on the sidelines, which caused a lot of controversy, but in the end they drew with Evergrande 1:1 away.

最典型的是他在中超联赛执教上海申新时的表现,打了许多经典比赛。尤其是面对像中国超级联赛超级大国广州恒大这样的球队,他从来都不是保守的,而且每次亚搏手机版都在互相对抗,最终他可以取得不错的成绩。此外,朱炯在场外的举动也非常疯狂。 2014赛季,朱炯因在第21轮中国超级联赛对北京国安的比赛中举起中指而被禁止进入中国超级联赛四场比赛,并被罚款20,000元。此外,在本赛季对阵广州恒大的比赛中,他们闭嘴并直接指向广州恒大教练利皮,这引起了很多争议,但最终他们与恒大1:1并列。

However, with the relegation of Shanghai Shenxin, Zhu Jiong's coaching career has also declined. He has been to several teams without success, and eventually returned to the Shanghai Shenxin team. Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties, Shanghai Shenxin sold all the main players and rented out many young players from the team. After a season, he played a lot of big-scoring defeats, such as losing to Qingdao Huanghai 2:9. :7 lost to Meizhou, it was shocking. However, as the head coach Zhu Jiong is also very helpless, after all, it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice. But Zhu Jiong is still very loyal. He and Shanghai Shenxin lasted until the end. After Shen Xin was relegated and disbanded, Zhu Jiong also disappeared from our sight.

但是,随着上海申新队的降级,朱炯的执教生涯也有所下降。他去过几支球队都没有成功,最终回到了上海申新队。不幸的是,由于经济困难,上海申鑫卖掉了所有主要球员,并从球队中出租了许多年轻球员。一个赛季后,他打了很多大败球,例如以2:9输给青岛黄海。 :7输给梅州,令人震惊。但是,作为主教练朱炯也很无奈,毕竟,一个聪明的女人没有米饭很难做饭。但是朱炯仍然很忠诚。他和上海申心一直持续到最后。沉欣被降级并解散后,朱炯也从我们的视野中消失了。

But how could such a charismatic local coach just keep quiet like this? This season, he chose the former Chinese Super League team, which has now been relegated to the Qingdao Zhongneng team, and became the team's head coach. And in the previous transfer period, he signed 11 players in one go, creating a new lineup. Among them are former international Jiang Ning, and Shanghai Shenhua's main substitute goalkeeper Chen Zhao last season. It can be said that this is a big deal in the second half. Obviously, Zhu Jiong just wanted to do something in the second.


And at the China Energy New Season’s departure ceremony that ended not long ago, Zhu Jiong, as the head coach, expressed his ideas for the new season in a high-profile manner. He said: “This year’s goal is definitely to make it to the top. God, even things that haven't changed before I came. Although I can't guarantee to win every game, I will lead my players to overcome difficulties and move forward!" It can be seen that Zhu Jiongzhu's guidance is still high-profile as always. Although he is only coaching the second team, his confidence has never been reduced.


It is reported that in the new season the Chinese League B will reignite war on October 24. 21 teams will compete in Kunming and Luxi, Yunnan. The top two teams will be promoted to the Chinese League. At present, the Qingdao Zhongneng team has set off from the club and headed to the Kunming Division. Do you think Zhu Jiong can lead Qingdao Zhongneng to return to the Chinese Premier League or even the Super League?


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