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That's right, the Madrid media has put the names of Pochettino and Raul alongside Zidane, because there are no other reliable candidates for the time being. Looking at the major media, perhaps only the ridiculous thing that “the Spanish government and parliament are busy debating the impeachment bill is the current epidemic situation”. Zidane's position, or more precisely, his prestige, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it is only those few media celebrities who express his disdain. However, the advantage of the media people is to make public predictions, and this time with such confidence, because it will be the national derby in a few days. Before the result of the game, no one said which side of the wind blowing.


It is expected that Zidane will let the virtuous people sooner or later think that the existing lineup has room for adjustment and room for improvement, but the existing technical team is encountering bottlenecks in innovation. This reason is not new, and it has its truth. Zidane excused his team members after the game and repeated the sentence: "They are all champions (good), and they have won a lot (honours) for me. I should not suffer these (frustrations)." On the one hand, Zidah The level and performance of the players are recognized within the team, and mutual trust is emphasized. On the other hand, who is Zidane's "champion" and what kind of honor has he won? Very intriguing. Ramos's absence, the team's defense collapsed, and it was veteran Modric who blew the counterattack. Jovic, Militan and Rodrigo, who started the lineup, failed to show convincing performance...


Zidane did encounter difficulties. Compared to this tragic first 45 minutes, last weekend's defeat against Cadiz was the real complete defeat. Zidane admitted that he didn't play well in that game and did not make advance deployment. And it was all the main players at the time, until Ramos was injured and dropped. In the course of the game, in addition to his usual conservative style, Cadiz was not lucky to win, and the positional battle was played vigorously. On the other hand, Donetsk's three goals, it's a bit of a pig and a tiger, the meaning of a surprise victory. Because Zidane's arrangement of the front and back lines lacks running-in, the seemingly solid midfielder has his crotch at a critical moment.


To sum up, the players who joined the "post-championship era" cannot show a stable performance, and they rarely match the peak level of the champion team members, or they are really weak, or Zidane is incomplete, and has not found no dependence on old comrades. The successful experience of establishing a new core. Just not doing well does not mean not doing it. At the beginning of the two consecutive seasons, Zidane has been immersed in a big rotation and experimenting with a new formation. In the same period last year, Real Madrid lost to Paris, narrowly tied Bruges at home, and then lost to Mallorca. This comparison is very intuitive. In any case, last season's league championship was won, and now Real Madrid's ranking is not bad.


The reason for the media to vaccinate is nothing more than the fact that the national derby is in front of you, and the ugly words are in your head to facilitate the steering after the game. And the law of history is here: since the Champions League restructuring, the team that lost the first game has missed the championship. But when I think about it, Real Madrid declared "no signings" with absolute certainty before the opening of the last summer window. Will the club set such a high level of targets for the team from top to bottom? If there is no pressure from hard indicators in honor, Zidane will be free to continue to explore. From another perspective, since the "Lafayette" has gritted his teeth and refused to sign up, he tightened his belt during famine years, saved money for hardware upgrades, and if he lost one or two games, he would fry the coach to compensate for the termination fee. This year is no better than in previous years. Even Real Madrid and Barcelona have felt the pressure to survive.


But in terms of team building, Zidane must be responsible for his own decisions. Bale and Ronaldo were sent away, but Reggie, Ashraf and Ceballos were not left, and the former was chosen between Jovic and Mayoral. The reality is that the buyer's show, which is dominated by Everton fans, played a "really fragrant" barrage, and Ceballos and Reguiron were selected for the Spanish national team. And Real Madrid valued, and Zidane also recognized Asensio and Isco, but lost the protagonist halo at a critical moment. Mayoral exclaimed that Zidane wanted him, but was quickly beaten in the face by the person involved. Zidane confirmed that Jovic was left behind by him. He has given a lot of opportunities at the beginning of this year, but he still cannot give a positive comment. Is it because people can’t do it, or is the usage wrong? The question is back to the closed circuit of whether Zidah can do it.


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