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Enter "Nicholas Gaitan" and "Manchester United" in Google, and there are about 93,400 search results. Gaitan had been rumored with Manchester United for many years before, and the closest transfer was in 2012, when it is rumored that the transaction price was set at 20 million pounds. Four years later, he moved to Atletico Madrid, before he played for Benfica.

在Google中输入“ Nicholas Gaitan”和“ Manchester United”,大约有93,400个搜索结果。盖坦与曼联的传闻已经很多年了,最近的一次交易是在2012年,当时传闻交易价格定为2000万英镑。四年后,他移居马德里竞技,然后为本菲卡效力。

In 2013, Moyes was planning to introduce some players as soon as he took office as Manchester United coach. That year was Ferguson's last season at Manchester United, and he led the team to a league title. Moyes wanted to reinforce some positions. Fabregas and Thiago were both on his list of signings at the time. The other two were players he knew very well at Everton: Fellaini and Baynes. At that time, Manchester United proposed 28 million pounds to buy Everton Double Star, but was rejected, so Manchester United had to negotiate separately. In the end, on the last day when the transfer window closed, Fellaini moved to Manchester United at a price of 27 million pounds, and Baynes' transfer plan was aborted. Baines said afterwards: I was watching them operate by the side and did nothing. This is how I came all the way.


Davis is only 19 years old, but in the Champions League where Bayern beat Chelsea, he behaved like the best left back in the world. Manchester United has inspected him carefully and even sent him a three-week trial invitation in January 2018. But Davis had just finished training for the Canadian Olympic team, so his club, Vancouver Whitecaps, refused to release. Six months later, the Vancouver Whitecaps sold Davis to Bayern for 14 million pounds, and now the deal looks worth it.

戴维斯只有19岁,但在拜仁击败切尔西的冠军联赛中,他的表现堪称世界上最好的左后卫。曼联已经对他进行了仔细检查,甚至在2018年1月向他发出了为期三周的试用邀请。但是戴维斯刚刚结束了对加拿大奥林匹克队的训练,因此他的俱乐部温哥华怀特卡普斯拒绝了释放。六个月后,Vancouver Whitecaps以1400万英镑的价格将Davis卖给了拜仁,现在看来这笔交易值得。

In September 1992, Dion Dubrin broke his left leg after six appearances at Old Trafford, so Manchester United had to find a striker partner for Mark Hughes. Ferguson had planned to sign Hirst before, and Dubrin's injury made him decide to try again. Manchester United offered 3.5 million pounds, but Shey Wednesday refused to release. As a result, Manchester United signed Cantona and won the first Premier League after the reform.

1992年9月,迪翁·杜布林(Dion Dubrin)在老特拉福德(Old Trafford)出场六次后就断了左腿,因此曼联必须为马克·休斯(Mark Hughes)寻找前锋搭档。弗格森之前曾计划签下赫斯特,而杜布林的伤势让他决定再试一次。曼联出价350万英镑,但谢伊星期三拒绝释放。结果,曼联签下了坎通纳,并在改革后赢得了首个英超联赛。

There is no doubt that if Manchester United sign Haaland, it would be very worthwhile for the club, but it did not happen. In January of this year, Harland, who was only 19 years old, moved to Dortmund from Red Bull Salzburg. But if you think that Harland’s agent is Raiola, it makes sense that Manchester United did not sign him.

毫无疑问,如果曼联签下哈兰,这对俱乐部来说将是非常值得的,但那没有发生。今年1月,年仅19岁的哈兰(Harland)从萨尔斯堡红牛(Red Bull Salzburg)搬到多特蒙德(Dortmund)。但是,如果您认为Harland的经纪人是Raiola,那么曼联没有签下他是有道理的。

As a West Brom star, Regis is known for always scoring amazing goals. He also had the opportunity to join Manchester United. It was 1986 and the bishop of Manchester United was Ron Atkinson. Atkinson worked with Regis in West Brom, so he wanted to sign Regis. Originally, the terms of the transfer had been reached, but Regis suffered a thigh injury and the transaction was unfortunately aborted.

瑞吉斯(Regis)作为西布朗(West Brom)的明星,总是以惊人的进球而著称。他也有机会加入曼联。那是1986年,曼联的主教是罗恩·阿特金森。阿特金森(Atkinson)与西布朗(West Brom)的瑞吉斯(Regis)合作,因此他想签下瑞吉斯(Regis)。最初,已达到转让的条件,但是里吉斯遭受了大腿伤害,不幸的是交易被中止。

Will he sign a contract, or not? Will he sign a contract, or not? Will he sign a contract, or not?


Forget it, next one.


Manchester United fans may feel uncomfortable after hearing this name. In the summer of 2017, Mourinho planned to sign the Croatian winger from Inter Milan, and negotiations were deadlocked all summer. The key to the transfer is the player price. Inter Milan insisted on 50 million euros, but Manchester United gave up to 40 million euros. The two sides refused to give in to each other, and finally the summer window closed and Perisic continued to stay at Inter.

听到这个名字后,曼联球迷可能会感到不舒服。 2017年夏天,穆里尼奥计划从国际米兰签下这位克罗地亚边锋,整个夏天的谈判陷入僵局。转移的关键是球员的价格。国际米兰坚持要5000万欧元,而曼联则放弃了4000万欧元。双方拒绝让步,最后夏天窗户关闭,佩里西奇继续留在国际米兰。

Subsequently, Perisic revealed that he rejected Manchester United because the then newly appointed Inter coach Spalletti asked him to stay. "This is a great encouragement for me," Perisic said. "In football, sometimes the details are the key."

随后,佩里西奇透露他拒绝了曼联,因为当时新任命的国际米兰教练斯帕莱蒂要求他留下。佩里西奇说:“这对我来说是极大的鼓舞。” “在足球比赛中,有时细节是关键。”

Manchester United actually signed Mikel from Lien in 2005. The Nigerian midfielder attended a press conference, announced the transfer, and was even seen wearing a Manchester United jersey. But there is a problem. Chelsea insist that they have an exclusive transfer agreement with Mikel, so they do not plan to let Mikel go to Old Trafford. After almost a year of legal disputes, Mikel eventually went to Chelsea; Chelsea only gave Manchester United £12 million in compensation.


In the summer of 1986, after being forced to sell Mark Hughes to Barcelona, ​​Manchester United desperately needed a striker. Atkinson wanted to sign Dixon from Chelsea, but the transfer was extremely difficult. In the three seasons at Stamford Bridge, Dixon scored 93 goals, so Chelsea need 2 million pounds to let him go. This price would make Dixon the most expensive player in the UK at the time. As a result, Atkinson had a bad impression of Chelsea chairman Ken Bates, and he accused Bates of opening up the Lions during the Dixon transfer. As a result, Dixon stayed at Chelsea for another 6 seasons and scored another 100 goals, becoming a Chelsea legend.


As we all know, player swap transactions are never easy. Juventus wanted to sign Lukaku last summer, and Manchester United were willing to let him go. But Juventus wanted to transfer Dybala to Manchester United as part of the deal. Manchester United are actually very happy to sign Dybala because they need a creative player and the Argentine meets the requirements. There is just one problem, Dybala does not want to go to Manchester United. Finally, Lukaku went to Inter Milan and Manchester United signed the B fee.


In the summer of 2008, 17-year-old Ramsey bought a gray-green Ford Fiesta, and it was a hit. He was the most sought after young player in England at the time. After playing 22 games for Cardiff City, the club decided to sell him for 5 million pounds. Manchester United, Arsenal and Everton all want to sign him, with Manchester United having the best chance. Manchester United signed him to defend the Premier League title.

2008年夏天,年仅17岁的拉姆齐(Ramsey)买了灰绿色的福特嘉年华(Ford Fiesta),这很受欢迎。当时他是英格兰最受追捧的年轻球员。在为卡迪夫城打了22场比赛之后,俱乐部决定以500万英镑的价格将他出售。曼联,阿森纳和埃弗顿都想签下他,而曼联则是最好的机会。曼联签下他捍卫英超联赛冠军。

Ramsey told Ferguson that he decided to choose Arsenal because they did a lot to sign him and let him take a private jet to Switzerland to meet Wenger. Later, Ramsey revealed that the reason he rejected Manchester United was that Arsenal produced more young players.


Ferguson said: "Rejecting Manchester United is his own decision, I can't say anything. If he comes to us, he will face more competition in the first team."


In December 1994, when Manchester United planned to sign a striker, Ferguson fell in love with Les Ferdinand. Les Ferdinand has made his mark in Queens Park Rangers, and the club is ready to sell him at the right price. Ferguson called Ferdinand's teammate Wilkins to find out his situation. Wilkins is full of praise for Ferdinand, so Manchester United is ready to make an offer. At the same time, Wilkins called Ferdinand, told him the relevant news, and said that someone would offer an offer soon.

1994年12月,当曼联计划签下一名前锋时,弗格森爱上了莱斯·费迪南德。费迪南德(Les Ferdinand)已在皇后公园巡游者(Queens Park Rangers)留下了自己的印记,俱乐部随时准备以合适的价格出售他。弗格森打电话给费迪南德的队友威尔金斯,以了解他的处境。威尔金斯对费迪南德赞不绝口,因此曼联准备好报价了。同时,威尔金斯给费迪南德打了个电话,告诉他有关的消息,并说有人很快就会提出要约。

Ferdinand went to see the club chairman Thompson the next day. Thompson said that if he wants to leave, the club will release people. "That's Manchester United," Ferdinand said. He firmly believes that the deal will come soon, but things are not going well.


After discovering that Ferdinand would be sold, the club coach Francis offered to resign. Thompson did not want the team's coach and star players to leave at the same time, so he began to persuade Ferdinand to stay.


A few days later, Ferdinand was shocked to discover that Wilkins had become his coach. The condition for Wilkins to accept Thompson's invitation is that Ferdinand stays.


Last summer, De Licht had the opportunity to join Manchester United. The 20-year-old central defender helped Ajax reach the Champions League semi-finals. But his agent is Raiola, so a transfer will never happen, and he eventually joined Juventus.


Saúchar is one of the best goalkeepers in modern times. At Everton, he won two league titles in 1985 and 1987. If it hadn't been for the England team to be banned from participating in the European War, Saucal and Everton would have a great chance of winning the European War.


In the summer of 1991, Saucal was the number one target on the Manchester United signings list, but the transfer eventually fell through. Otherwise, Saucal can only stay in Everton for 10 seasons instead of 17 seasons. Negotiations had been going on at that time, but no substantive agreement was formed. Subsequently, Manchester United turned its attention to Denmark and won Schmeichel for 500,000 pounds, which Ferguson even called the "deal of the century."


Varane is one of the best defenders in the world today, and it is normal for him to have a transfer scandal with Manchester United. The only problem is that he plays for Real Madrid, so it is almost impossible for him to transfer to Manchester United.


People may forget how good Beardsley is: he can score goals and create opportunities, making him a perfect strike partner. He proved this in Liverpool and England.


Manchester United signed him from the Vancouver Whitecaps for £250,000 in 1982, but sent him back to Canada after just letting him play a game. A year later, Manchester United missed the opportunity to re-sign him with £500,000. Then in 1987, Beardsley moved to Newcastle and scored 61 goals in 4 seasons. This performance allowed him to enter the England national team and transfer to Liverpool for 1.9 million pounds. Subsequently, Manchester United under Ferguson planned to sign him back again, but was rejected.


The joining of Ballack in 2006 can be said to be one of the most successful free transfers in Chelsea history. He was a world-class midfielder and Manchester United, Inter Milan and AC Milan all wanted to sign him. Ballack said he chose Chelsea because he was most likely to win the Premier League title there. Ballack felt that Manchester United was going downhill, but after being cold-eyed by the German midfielder, Manchester United won the Premier League championship for three consecutive seasons. And in 2008, Manchester United defeated Chelsea by one goal in a penalty shootout, winning the Champions League for the third time.


Henderson is Liverpool's hero. After moving to Liverpool from Sunderland in 2011, he has gradually grown into one of the most efficient midfielders in the world, although the process is very difficult. Sunderland's coach Bruce recommended Henderson to his former club. Manchester United made a detailed investigation of Henderson and wrote a report. In the end, they abandoned Henderson because of his running posture.


Ferguson said: "We found that he was driven by his knees and ran straight back. Modern players are driven by their hips when they run. We think this way of running will bring hidden dangers to his future career."


Eight years later, Henderson raised the Champions League trophy as Liverpool captain. At the same time, he is also the hero of the Reds Liverpool ranking first in the Premier League this season with a 25-point advantage.


Among the players currently playing in England, Pedro has won the most trophies: he has won 25 titles of all kinds. Therefore, it is not surprising that Manchester United wanted to sign him from Barcelona in 2015, although it is not known whether they really worked hard. In mid-August 2015, Chelsea announced that they had signed Pedro from Barcelona for £21 million.

在目前在英格兰比赛的球员中,佩德罗赢得了最多的奖杯:他赢得了25个各种冠军。因此,曼联希望在2015年从巴塞罗那签下他并不奇怪,尽管尚不清楚他们是否真的努力工作。 2015年8月中旬,切尔西宣布他们以2100万英镑的价格从巴塞罗那签下了佩德罗。

However, Van Gaal denied Manchester United's intention to sign Pedro at a press conference. At the same time, then Chelsea coach Mourinho said they just seized the opportunity: "Manchester United wanted Pedro at first, but they didn't want it again."


Di Canio and Manchester United are a match made in heaven. If the transfer in January 2002 is successful, the Italian player is likely to become a Manchester United star like Cantona. According to Ferguson, the reason for the breakdown of the negotiations was that Di Canio asked for too much money. Ferguson said: "I have tried my best to fight for Di Canio, the transaction is almost finished, he also accepted our terms. But then, he expressed his desire for more money, which we can not meet." Di Canio said that the reason for the failure of the transaction was that he wanted to go to West Ham United. Another argument is that Manchester United need to sell York first, but York refused to go to Middlesbrough.


It is not Manchester United's fault that Essien cannot be signed. They invited Essien to try out when he was only 17 years old, but they could not sign him due to labor certification issues. The experience of 7 days of trial training at Manchester United was not very pleasant for Essien. He was very scared and did not dare to talk to Manchester United players. Despite being shy, he is determined to stand out.


He adopted a roundabout strategy, passing through Bastia and Lyon, and in 2005 joined Chelsea for £24 million and landed in the Premier League. At Stamford Bridge, he grew up to be one of the best midfielders in the world at the time and won 10 various championships at Chelsea.


In 2014, Cross was very close to joining Manchester United. Cross said that he had actually reached a verbal agreement with Manchester United, but after Moyes finished class, the transfer was aborted. Four days after winning the World Cup, Kroos joined Real Madrid and won the Champions League three times with the team. But every summer there will still be a transfer scandal between Cross and Manchester United.


If Manchester United had signed Butcher in the summer of 1986, Ferguson would probably not become the bishop of Manchester United in a few months. Atkinson wanted to sign Butcher, and the England Iron Guard was also interested in joining Old Trafford because his Ipswich team had been relegated. Atkinson thought Butcher was the perfect central defender partner for McGlys, so he made a signing proposal on the board. But when Atkinson proposed that he needed £750,000 to sign Butcher, he was shocked by the response: The board said Butcher is a good player, but the club has taken the extra money to the Manchester United Museum.

如果曼联在1986年夏天签下了Butcher,弗格森可能在几个月内就不会成为曼联的主教。阿特金森想签下屠夫,英格兰铁卫队也有兴趣加入老特拉福德,因为他的伊普斯维奇队已经降级。 Atkinson认为Butcher是McGlys的理想中后卫伙伴,因此他在董事会上提出了一份签字建议。但是,当阿特金森提议他需要75万英镑签下Butcher时,他的回应震惊了:董事会表示Butcher是一名出色的球员,但俱乐部已将这笔额外的钱带到了曼联博物馆。

Manchester United tried to sign Fabregas twice. The first time was in 2003, when he was still in La Masia, but in the end he joined Arsenal. The second time was in 2013, and Moyes wanted to use Xiaofa as his first pick for Manchester United. Manchester United's first offer of 25 million pounds was rejected by Barcelona, ​​and later better offers were also rejected. Xiaofa wanted to return to Arsenal, but the transfer failed, so he joined Chelsea.




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