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亚搏手机版-黄海总经理鼓励全队为城市而战 邹正回避将缺席
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Al Jazeera media reporter Du Jincheng


   The Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang team, who participated in the second stage relegation competition of the Chinese Super League, has set off for the Dalian Division on the afternoon of October 12. At around 7 o'clock in the evening that day, the team arrived in Dalian. Due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the team is currently waiting for the test results outside the competition area after completing the nucleic acid test at Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport. According to the schedule, the first match of the Huanghai Qinggang team in the relegation group will start on the afternoon of the 19th, against Guangzhou R&F. Before leaving, Sun Di, general manager of the Yellow Sea Club, cheered up the team and encouraged everyone to fight for the honor of the city.




   Huanghai Qinggang team had just had a warm-up match with the Qingdao Red Lions on the evening of October 11. They won by a score of 3:0. This game was also the only game played by Huanghai Qinggang in the offseason of more than two weeks. On the afternoon of the 12th, the team set off for Dalian.

黄海青岗队刚刚于10月11日晚上与青岛红狮队进行了热身赛,他们以3:0的比分获胜。该游戏也是黄海青港在超过两个星期的休赛期中唯一玩过的游戏。 12日下午,团队出发前往大连。

   According to the plan, the coaches and players of the Huanghai Qinggang first team gathered at the club at 3 pm on the 12th and rushed to the airport by bus. Because of the epidemic, everyone's protection has been done well. After the off-season cancellation of registration and supplementary reporting, the Huanghai Qinggang first team currently has 27 players. This time all 27 players have gone to Dalian.


Before leaving, Sun Di, the general manager of the Yellow Sea Club, cheered for everyone, “Everyone must pay attention to safety when they go to Dalian, take care of themselves, and obey the arrangements of the team leader and head coach. We represent this city to compete and carry this city. I hope that everyone will go all out and show 200% fighting spirit without regrets. Finally, I wish us victory!"


The second stage of the Super League relegation competition will start in Dalian on October 16. The first match of the Huanghai Qinggang team is scheduled to be at 3:30 pm on October 19 against Guangzhou R&F at Dalian Jinzhou Stadium. This is also Huang Haiqing. Hong Kong's first opponent on the road to relegation. If it can win the two rounds against R&F, then Huanghai Qinggang will complete the relegation task ahead of schedule. If it loses, it will continue to compete for the relegation place with its opponents in the next round.




   Huanghai Qinggang team arrived in Dalian on the evening of the 12th. After completing the nucleic acid test at Zhoushuizi Airport, they did not enter the competition area immediately, but waited for the nucleic acid test result at the Green Zone Hotel. As long as everything goes well, the team will be able to enter the competition area that night and normal training will be possible on the 13th.


   The first round of the match between Huanghai Qinggang and R&F will not start until the 19th. Under normal circumstances, the team still has about one week to prepare. In this week, the only task of the Huanghai Qinggang team is to prepare for the two-round match with Guangzhou R&F and reject the "one-year tour" of the Chinese Super League.


   Somewhat disadvantageous to Huanghai Qinggang is that Zou Zheng, an important player in the team's defense line, missed the match against R&F because of the "evasion clause". In the words of coach Wu Jingui, "I did not expect to meet Zou Zheng in the knockouts when I introduced Zou Zheng." But now in such a situation, Huanghai Qinggang can only abide by the terms and rules. Judging from the current staffing of the team, there are many players who can play the right back, but there are few players who can completely replace Zou Zheng. In the two rounds with R&F, how Wu Jingui adjusted his defense can only give the answer during the game. But in the coming week, Wu Jingui will definitely make the fullest investigation on the position of full-back.


   Huanghai Qinggang currently has 5 foreign aids from Aleksandrini, Vukovic, Minara, Popovich and Radonic. Obviously, they are the strength that Huanghai Qinggang needs to rely on in the second stage of the competition. During the offseason, Alessandrini took the time to go to Shanghai, thoroughly checked the injuries, and performed recovery treatment. Huanghai Qinggang wants to shore up early in the relegation battle, "Yali" must show enough magical performance.


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