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Tiger Fight, October 12 In the sixth game of the finals that ended today, the Lakers defeated the Heat 106-93, and the series won the championship with a 4-2 score. After the game, Lakers forward Anthony Davis was interviewed.

Tiger Fight,10月12日在今天结束的第六场总决赛中,湖人队以106-93击败了热火队,亚搏手机版app该系列赛以4-2的比分赢得了冠军。赛后,湖人前锋安东尼·戴维斯接受了采访。

Speaking of the relationship between him and his teammate LeBron James, Davis said: "My relationship with LeBron has always been very close. You all know. When I arrived in Los Angeles, he was the first to text me, congratulations. , The person who invited me to his house. We had a little celebration at the time. Over the past year, we have all grown up, especially in this quarantine zone, because we are around each other every day. So we can be there Real communication outside, this is something you may not have the opportunity to do in Los Angeles. You have family members, and you have other things to do. So we really have the opportunity to communicate outside the field and get to know each other. Learn from him and face each other at these moments. I’m helpful. I don’t know if he has learned anything from me. I mean, he has seen everything and experienced everything. But with him, the way he behaves, the way he leads, he enjoys The way of life, being with his family, and enjoying the basketball game, all these make me a better person and a better player."


Speaking of the trust of the whole team in James, Davis said: "When you see a man who has reached the Finals 9 times in the past 10 years, it is hard not to believe him, it is hard not to believe that he will not achieve this. Goal. When I was traded, he had the belief that we have a chance to win everything. He makes you believe more in his leadership, his performance on the court, and his performance off the court. When we lose When playing the ball, he brings us together. He is always saying something, whether it is a text message or when everyone is together. In any case, he always encourages us. The advantage of having such a leader is He can accept criticism, can accept other people's accusations against him-many people can't do it. This is true from the first to the 15th. When he messes up things, we can all tell him. He accepts , Never make the same mistake again. We are all capable of competing at a high level. Our team is capable of competing at a high level. We trust the Frank Vogel system. He trusts his players. When you have such a team When working together, you are also more likely to get the job done."

在谈到整个团队对詹姆斯的信任时,戴维斯说:“当您看到一个男人在过去10年中曾9次进入总决赛时,很难不相信他,很难不相信他会目标。当我被交易时,他相信我们有机会赢得一切。他使你更加相信他的领导能力,他在场上的表现以及他在场外的表现。打球,他使我们团结在一起。无论是短信还是每个人在一起时,他总是在说些什么,无论如何,他总是鼓励我们。拥有这样的领导者的好处是他可以接受批评,可以接受别人对他的指责-许多人做不到,从第一个到第15个都是亚搏手机版如此。当他弄乱事情时,我们都可以告诉他。他接受,再也不会犯同样的错误了。有能力进行高水平的比赛我们的团队有能力进行高亚搏手机版水平的比赛nk Vogel系统。他相信自己的球员。当拥有这样的团队一起工作时,您也更有可能完成工作。”

Speaking of the special relationship between him and James, Davis said: "Respect. Real friendship. Off the court-we communicate very closely on the court, but you have to look at us under the court. This is Unreal relationship. I always stay at his house. He always stays at my house. This is true throughout the season. There is no jealousy. No one is jealous of each other. There is no personal opinion between teammates. We just do it out of Two guys who wanted to win for various reasons. We did it tonight. We still have a team that will warn us. Rajon Rondo, Dudley, all these guys speak in our ears every game, Ask us to be great players. When you have a support lineup like this, they can score goals and they are important to you, which makes our job easier to do what we do Things. We know that if we have bad games, they will help us. If they play badly, we will take over them. We have a great team that trusts each other. It starts with me and LeBron. We give ourselves A lot of pressure was put on. I challenged him, he challenged me. This relationship is not always sweet and smooth, but it can accomplish the task. To win the championship, you will encounter confrontations and arguments throughout the season. We also get He deserves it. But in the final analysis, we respect each other. We respect everyone’s efforts. I respect his game, and he respects my game, and we have achieved this achievement together."

谈到戴维斯和詹姆斯之间的特殊关系时,戴维斯说:“尊重。真正的友谊。在场下,我们在场上进行非常密切的交流,但是你必须在场下看着我们。这是虚幻的关系。我一直保持在他的房子里他总是待在我的房子里这整个季节都是这样,没有嫉妒,没有人嫉妒,队友之间没有个人见解,我们只是从两个想要出于各种原因而获胜。我们今晚做到了。我们仍然有一支球队会警告我们。拉琼·隆多(Rajon Rondo),达德利(Dudley),所有这些家伙在每场比赛中都在我们的耳边说,请我们成为出色的球员。当你有这样的支持阵容时,他们可以进球,并且对您很重要,这使我们的工作更容易做我们要做的事情。我们知道,如果我们有糟糕的比赛,他们会帮助我们;如果他们打得不好,我们将接管他们。有一支彼此信任的伟大团队,这始于我和勒布朗,我们给自己很大的压力被戴上。我向他挑战,他向我挑战。这种关系并不总是那么顺畅,但是可以完成任务。为了赢得冠军,您将在整个赛季中遇到对抗和争论。我们也得到他应得的。但归根结底,我们彼此尊重。我们尊重每个人的努力。我尊重他的比赛,他尊重我的比赛,我们一起取得了这一成就。”

In this game, Davis played 35 minutes, made 7 of 17 shots, had 19 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks.


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